Emily Barker @ Union Chapel Bar 7th June 2009

Emily Barker who I have seen a few times before is a brilliant folk singer. A singer whose music I like a lot. So when browsing the list of dates I noticed Emily was back in London performing a solo set for the Arctic Circle at the Union Chapel Bar. As for the bar it is a nice area and there was refreshments to buy during the night. The pizza went straight away then there were also cakes. Well on the night there were three support acts. The first being Martina Bertoni who was excellent on the Cello. When she as playing I found it to be very mellow and really relaxing. 45 minutes later it was time for a band called Endings. Now the band did not strike me straight away but they did have songs that were easy to listen to. It was there first ever gig so I will definitely check them out again to hear more material. Few of the songs on the night were untitled. The next band on the night came on a hour later at 8.45pm. The band being Magic Lantern and I really enjoyed their set. I would most definitely like to hear more from them. They had brilliant songs which were easy to listen to.

Emily came on at 9.30pm. Prior to going on the stage I congratulated her on the BAFTA which is ¼ hers. Well Emily takes to the stage and the first song is Nostalgia. It is a brilliant song and I love it and no wonder it won a BAFTA. Sideline is a really nice song and it is a nice treat to hear just Emily do a solo for this song. I really like this song it has a nice folkish feel to it. The next track on the night is on I had heard before and it was Little Deaths. It is a amazing song and one I can see being on Emily’s next album when she releases it. The lyrics are perfect. This Is How It’s Meant To Be is the next song on the night and it is one of my favourite songs taken from the first album. This song captivated me till the very end and it is a song I could listen to more than once. I love the line “This is how it’s meant to be, Apparently, This is for a reason”. Next on the night was Blackbird. Emily is multitasking playing the harmonica as well. Well the song itself has a fast pace and had really good lyrics. Another new song is next this time it is Ropes. This song has a slower pace compared to the previous song. It is a beautiful song. Bright Phoebus is next which was a really interesting song. Emily repeats the chorus so that the audience can sing along and also she calls up the lead singer of Magic Lantern and Ending to come up and join her. The chorus is extremely catchy and the three singers on the stage were huddled round one microphone. The set closer was a cover of First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. It was simply breathtaking and mesmerising. Emily mentioned in her 10 questions on this blog that it was her favourite song as it transports her. Well once she finished there was a rapture of applause. Even though this was a short 8 track set it was a amazing gig.



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