Britney Spears @ o2 Arena 6th June 2009

Roll Up, Roll Up! The one and only Britney Spears brought her Circus tour over to the UK. Britney announced a 8 day residency of the o2 Arena and the moment tickets went on sale they were snapped up. I managed to pick up two tickets as I wanted to see Britney live the first time she came over to the UK all those years ago. When we arrived there outside there were a lot of fairground attractions but we went straight inside.

It was around 3 when my sister and I got to the arena. So we had a look round and then we went into Nandos to get some food. When we left Nandos it was around 5.30 so we made our way to the doors and just sat down somewhere. When 6 came that is when the doors open. There were plenty of entrances so we joined on of the queues and eventually got inside. To get to where we were sitting we had to go up 2 flights of escalators. Our tickets were in block 404 so we headed to the entrance and made our way to our seats then sat down. When waiting we did leave our seats just to have a look round. When Ciara was on we were the only two in our row sitting down the rest of the seats were empty.

We had a good view of the stage yes when Ciara came on stage she was a bit small but you cant complain about the view really. Ciara was really good. I wasn’t a fan of her music before the night but just seeing her live has made me want to listen to her music. She sang a selection of songs which included tracks off the first album Goodies and 1,2 Step. Current single Love Sex Magic which was just sung by Ciara ( Justin Timberlake did not make a surprise appearance for the song) and forthcoming single Work. Ciara also sung a brilliant melody of We Gotta Be Startin’ Somethin’/ Lose Control and Takin’ Back My Love. Ciara’s set was over in a flash.

Next it was the Big Apple Circus. They were entertaining and filled in the gap between Ciara and Britney. Some of the acts included someone juggling swords and another was a trapeze artist who balanced on a white bar two people were holding for her. She jumped up and down on the bar which launched her into the air and she did summersaults. Now that did make me wince as I didn’t want to see a accident happen before my very eyes. After they had finished the lights went out and the crowd erupted.


The big top lowered and a introduction was played which got the audience in the mood for the concert. Well all the crowd were excited anyway. This introduction featured Perez Hilton in a dress and looking like a queen. At the end Britney shoots him with a arrow and then the screens start to rise. Once they are up Britney descends from the ceiling and is lowered to the stage. Britney is wearing a ringmasters outfit and glasses she also had a whip with her. The first song on the night was Circus. Now when I first heard this song it didn’t stand out but just seeing it in the set has made me like it even more. In the song Britney says “I’m a put-on-a-show kind of girl”. And what a show it was. Britney pulled out all the stops to make her long awaited return to the UK a successful one. Even though this was the Circus tour the set didn’t mainly focus on tracks from the album. The only one disappointing thing I can think of is the exemption of some songs like Oops I Did It Again, Stronger and Lucky. But when the night ended I didn’t leave disappointed.  The next song was Piece Of Me which was taken off the Blackout album. This song is a amazing song it has brilliant verses and a great chorus. When Britney was singing she was in a cage. She had made a quick change as she was no longer in the ringleaders outfit. The top of the big top there were the words to the song and I was singing along. Even though we were in the tier seats everyone rose to their feet when Britney was circus and is on. There was then a interlude then Britney came back for the third song which was Radar which appeared on both Blackout and then is also the next single. Radar is a brilliant song it has to be one of my favourites from the Blackout album.

Before Britney came on again there was another interlude. When she did come on she had another costume change. Britney started off the second act with Ooh Ooh Baby which appeared on Blackout. Britney took part in this magic trick where she gets in this box and they removed certain sections of the box. She comes out then goes into a tent where she is getting dressed. Well that’s what you thing and when the curtains come down there is no one there Britney has disappeared. Britney then appears at another part of the stage with a different outfit on and she performs Hot As Ice. Britney knows how to put on a show and she fully made use of the three stages she had. Next up was Boys and Britney was joined by a host of guys on tricycles. During the song Britney gets on the back of one of these tricycles for a short ride. Once the song is over it is a boot camp drill. Britney is the one in charge and she tells her dancers to give her ten. So they do the 10 press ups and after Britney sings the drill. Once this is over the crowd is cheering then Britney launches into the current single If U Seek Amy. I really like this song and seeing it is great. I know it wasn’t sung live but I loved the atmosphere you get by being there. Britney has a furry wrap round, round her shoulders. Towards the end Britney gets a mallet and gently hits he dancers on the head (Like the game whack a mole). Britney then leaves the stage by going into the centre of the stage and being lowered to go for another costume change. When she returns she is Arabian Britney and it is a very interested Bollywood Remix of Me Against The Music. I know the costume fitted in with the Bollywood Remix but I didn’t find the remix to my taste. It didn’t gel well together. After that song finished Britney addressed the crowd by saying “What’s Up London” then she mentioned that she was going to slow things down with ballad Everytime. When Britney sung this song she was raised on a floating umbrella which twirled around. For a ballad Everytime is a brilliant one. There has been talk whether if this song was sung live or not but I say that it was sung live.

The third act started off with a video interlude with the song Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) accompanying the video. Towards the end Britney is singing the song. After the video interlude the first song starting the third act is Freakshow. As this is a new set there was another costume change. After Freakshow it was onto Get Naked (I Got A Plan). The way the stage was laid out was the same as the last song. But empty picture frames were lowered. After the song the lights went out and we had another video interlude. After the interlude the big top goes up which lowered when Get Naked ended. When Britney sings the next song she is singing Breathe On Me to a clown who is sitting on this couch. The picture frames are still there and when Britney starts the song she goes into one of the frames which are raised in the air. She then is lowered and comes out the frame for the ending of this song. Touch Of My Hand starts straight away. Britney is blindfolded and then gets onto the couch. Two men then were lowered from the ceiling and then Britney got on top of them as they formed a seat when there legs were joined together. Britney got on and they were raised and then twirling round. When they are brought back to ground Britney gets off and then the two men are hoisted back in the air. Britney then lies on the couch and the men come back down. One picks her up and they are taken back up spinning round. Britney is then eventually handed back down to the couch and the stage lowers and the curtains come down.

The gig started off strongly and the night ended strongly with 4 amazing songs in Act 4. When Britney came on she was wearing a new outfit for Do Somethin’. For this song there were metal frames on the stage and dancers who had what you can say were blow torches and they use them against the metal. Towards the end of the song one of the dancers hands her one of these blow torches. The next song I’m A Slave 4 U is even more amazing. It follows directly on from Do Somethin’ but towards the end of the song Britney gets in this basket in the centre of the stage. The basket is then hoisted into the air and below her is a ring of fire. The fire stops when Britney is lowed back down to the stage. After we get another interlude which featured songs like American Boy by Estella and Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna. Hearing these songs the crowd were going wild. Toxic is next and Britney arrives onstage after another costume change. This time for the performance there is fencing like the picture frames I mentioned earlier but it has metal fencing added to it. ….Baby One More Time was the last song on the night. Well it had been remixed especially for the tour and I really liked it. I must admit I was singing along on my feet like everyone in the arena. The dance part during the song was brilliant. Britney then moves to the next stage with her dancers. Ten smoke jets then produce smoke around the stage where Britney and her dancers are. The centre is then lowered and the lights go pitch black.

The big top then started showing another video interlude this featured clips of Britney songs. Some of those songs included Sometimes, Oops, Lucky and Stronger. Also a clip of the Madonna Britney kiss which got cheers. The big top raises and Britney comes on wearing a policewoman’s outfit. Some of Britney’s dancers were in policeman outfits. Womanizer was the encore. The crowd loved this song they were singing along to the chorus. There was also a dance part added to this song. When the song is about to finish they go to the centre of the stage and when it finishes sparks rain down. Britney then says “Thankyou so much London”. The night ends with a reprise to Circus and Britney bows to each corner of the arena. Britney the leaves and the crowd are cheering.




Act 1: The Circus

* Welcome to the Circus (Video Introduction)
* “Circus”
* “Piece of Me”
* Thunderstorm (Performance Interlude)
* “Radar”

Act 2: House of Fun (Anything Goes)

* Martial Arts Segue (Performance Interlude) (features LAZRtag Remix of “Gimme More”)
* Medley:
o “Ooh Ooh Baby”
o “Hot as Ice”
* “Boys” (The Co-Ed Remix)
o Boot Camp Drill
* “If U Seek Amy”
* “Me Against The Music” (Bollywood Remix)
* “Everytime”

Act 3: Freakshow/Peepshow

* Everybody’s Looking for Something (Video Interlude) (features “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”)
* “Freakshow”
* “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)”
* Britney’s Hotline (Performance Interlude) (contains elements of “Breathe on Me”, “Boys” and “I’m a Slave 4 U”)
* Medley:
o “Breathe on Me”
o “Touch of My Hand”

Act 4: Electro Circus

* Band Jam Segue (Performance Interlude)
* “Do Somethin'”
* “I’m A Slave 4 U” (Remix)
* Heartbeat (Dance Interlude) (featuring “Lollipop”, “American Boy”, “Don’t Stop the Music”, “Closer” and other songs)
* “Toxic”
* “…Baby One More Time” (Remix)


* “Break The Ice” (Video Interlude) (contains elements of “Gimme More” and “I’m A Slave 4 U”)
* “Womanizer” (Extended Remix)


We then eventually get out of the Arena. Well the gig was amazing even know she mimed most of the way through it, Britney put on one hell of a show. She pulled out all the stops to make her long awaited return to the UK a triumphant one. The night went by so fast I  wish I could relive it again.


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