Bandstand Busking w/ Gorgeous Colours @ Northampton Square 7th June 2009

I left at 11am to get there in time for 1pm. I got to the station to find out no trains were going from the station. So I got a bus to the local tube station then stayed on that till Angel. I got there at 12.40pm and no one was there apart from the people that run the bandstand. 1.30pm came and we were informed that two of the acts had pulled out due to sickness. I really wanted to see Katie Stelmanis and Dan Michaelson and I was sad at the prospect that they pulled out when I had travelled for a hour and a bit to get there.

But the band who were there Gorgeous Colours made up for it. They sang a 7 song set and each song was amazing. The fact the lead singer had a good sense of humour. Well the band come from Ireland. They are definitely a band worth checking out each one of their songs were great. I really would like to see this band again. They were a four piece band, there is a fifth who is the drummer but he had a appendix problem.


Means To A End
I Don’t Know
Lock Smith
I Miss You
Arms And Knees
The Rails
Holy Moley

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