Polly Scattergood @ Camden Barfly 4th June 2009

I arrived at the Camden Barfly around 5.30pm because doors were opening at 7.00pm. Well doors eventually opened at 8pm. The running order for the night was Wildbirds and Peacedrums 8.30 – 9pm, Chew Lips 9.15 – 9.45 and Polly would be on at 10 for 45 minutes. Well I purchased a ticket for this XFM Xposure night because it had a amazing line up of bands that I love. So when I got into the upstairs venue I went to the stage and endured 30 minutes till the first act. The first act was Wildbirds and Peacedrums and they were brilliant. The music is amazing and it is easy to listen to it is soothing too. They played a 5 song set. Four of those songs appear on the bands new album The Snake and we also get a oldie as well which appeared on Heartcore. They sing Chain Of Steel which then blends in with There Is No Light. As Chain Of Steal leads straight into There Is No Light it can be mistaken for one long song if you have not heard the current album. Well Mariam’s vocals are so strong she really knows how to deliver songs to the audience. For There Is No Light Mariam also sings into another mic which is handheld. It was a bit like the mic Jay Jay Pistolet uses but it was held by hand not attached to anything like her regular microphone. I actually really like Chain Of Steel now. After applause when There Is No Light is over they then go into So Soft So Pink and that is then followed by a oldie of Doubt/ Hope. The final song on the night is the ever so mesmerising My Heart. Now other than this song being amazing it is also quite soothing. When Mariam plays her steel drum that is the part that does it for me. This set was simply breathtaking and it was over in a flash.



Chew Lips were the next band on the night. A band I was really looking forward to seeing again live and they did not disappoint. Tigs the singer of the band was nursing a cold but still managed to power through 7 songs and put all her energy into the set. The songs performed were exactly the same when I saw them at Puregroove. Two songs were swapped round and there was also a new song played on the night. Well Chew Lips kicked off with Salt Air which is the forthcoming single on Kitsune. As for the song there is a strong beat to it. You can feel the electroness of the song. The song is mid tempo and Tigs puts everything into this song. If you were to listen to this song on CD it wouldn’t strike you straight away but when seeing it live just from all the energy put into the song it captivates the audience. Play Together is the next song on the night, a song I have not heard live before. There is a beat to the song from how it starts it is different to the other songs I have heard. Toro is next the song starts off really well and when Tigs start singing that when it picks up and progresses. This song has really good lyrics and it blends in with the lyrics. Next song played is Seven which is a really good song and that is followed by Karen which means a lot to the band. The 6th song on the night is Gold Key. This set does give off a good vibe but it is not as energetic as when I saw them at Puregroove. When I last saw them Tigs jumped onto the counter to belt out this song. Fair enough she had a cold and it was still a brilliant set. Gold Key is up there in my favourite Chew Lips songs. This song is extremely catchy. Well the final song on the night is the bands first single. It is the infectious Solo. I love this song it is catchy got a brilliant melody and lyrics. This song stands out and it is in your face.



At 10pm Polly Scattergood came onstage. I only saw her 5 days prior but when I knew who was supporting her I had to get a ticket. The set was exactly the same compared to the set she did at the Monarch but there were two different songs added to the set.. I hadn’t heard these songs live before, not even at Cargo as they replaced the songs Remove All Traces and Poem Song. The first song on the night was non album track I’ve Got A Heart. I liked this song. Polly went to the keyboard to play this song and she had her book of lyrics opened. The front of the book said “Polly Scattergood My Book, Not Yours”. This song is a nice gentle song and Polly sings about “Having a bigger heart than yours”. Following on is I Hate The Way. Compared to the first song this is more powerful. I love the lyrics and the melody. I love the line “We have pennies in our pockets, we have hope in our eyes”. Other To Endless is a really good song it has good lyrics and melody. It is catchy and it gets better and better when the song progresses. Polly has such a wonderful voice. Polly’s favourite live favourite is next. The song being Number 24. As I have always said this is a strong dark song. It is the only song she swears in. There is something about Polly’s voice I like, she has such a incredible vocal range. She can deliver all her songs perfectly. In the song one of the lines is “Give me my own Polly day”. Breathe In, Breathe Out is next on the night. Polly goes over to the keyboard to play this song I have never heard live. It is always on the set list to be in the 2 song encore but it has always been exempt. From speaking to Polly after I may of found the reason why that was. It was due to the fact when she played it at The Roundhouse it didn’t go as well. Well before Polly starts playing she says “can you turn the lights up so I can see what I am doing”. That causes the crowd to laugh. Polly then starts playing the song and it is completely faultless. It is perfect Polly has such a strong voice and she puts everything into her songs. Unforgiving Arms  is next and it is a brilliant song. When the song starts Polly has her back turned and she turns round to sing the first verse. The first verse is spoken and when it gets into the chorus it is nice and smooth. The second verse is a lot stronger compared to the other verses. Next up is the haunting Untitled 27 which is becoming one of my favourite Polly songs as I can picture a story to the song. The song itself is a dark song as I picture the song telling the story of a girl on life support and she is trying to find someone or see them one last time. I think my image of the song is right when the final two lines are “Goodnight, My Love”. Then you have the sound of when you get the straight line on the life support machine. Following on is my favourite song, the song that got me hooked onto hearing more material by Polly. Before singing the song she says if we want to we can dance. This song being the ever so infectious Bunny Club. I love this song so much. It has brilliant catchy lyrics. Lyrics that make you want to sing along to. There is nothing bad to say about the song it has everything you could ever want to hear. The current single Please Don’t Touch is next. It is a nice song it has a brilliant chorus. Well the song starts off brilliantly and it gets better and better till the very end. Well as for the chorus there are bits where you can clap along to. I clapped along in the right places but I found myself being the only one clapping along. Nitrogen Pink is the set closer. The song starts of slow but it picks up in pace when the song progresses. It is the perfect song to close on and it was the first ever song released. Now I really like this song I can imagine ticker tape falling from the ceiling when the song is nearing the end. Well when the song has finished the band go offstage but as soon as Polly is about to leave people are asking for one last song. Polly then turns round to do a one song encore of Crystal Breaks. This song is a gentle song to begin with and gets heavier further on. During the musical interlude Polly points the microphone in the direction of the guitar and drums. When the song finishes everyone starts making their way out of the venue.



I’ve Got A Heart

I Hate The Way

Other To Endless

No: 24

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Unforgiving Arms

Untitled 27

Bunny Club

Please Don’t Touch

Nitrogen Pink


Crystal Breaks



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  1. upvcconservatories says:

    Could I possibly get in touch with Polly through you to put on my website – The Music Mag?

    We have an unsigned artists section where we are looking to create a database of performers – including a song sample, picture, bio and contact email to book gigs.

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