Theoretical Girl @ Puregroove 29th May 2009

I arrived at Puregroove around 5.30pm. Amy, Kelly, Max and Harry were already there. Well I go into the store find a seat and have a chat with Amy. She then goes back onto the stage to set up. Well more people start to turn up nearer the time and Amy sound checks the song I Should Of Love You More. Well she sound checks just the chorus quite a lot of times.

Well this was the single launch of the Amy’s new single Rivals and I had to be there to lend her my support and it is a brilliant song as well. I was sitting at the table right at the front so I got some good pictures of Amy and of the Equations too. The first song on the night was to be the one Amy had sound checked a lot of times. The number of times I have heard the songs before. I Should Of Loved You More is a brilliant pop song. The lyrics give a clear picture of what the song is about and that is unrequited love. The song is mellowing and it is catchy. The Hypocrite follows on straight after the last chord of I Should Of Loved You More has been played. Well this song is slightly darker and it is slightly heavier as the rest of the songs are gentle and light. Amy introduces the next song which is The Boy I Left Behind. This song which is awaiting release as a Japan only single has really good lyrics and a good melody. Also it is played at a steady pace. Amy then goes over to the keyboard to play the next song Dancehall Deceit. Amy dedicates the song to Phil whose birthday it was. Amy then realised it was not a nice song because it is about people who lie. Amy also says this song is for you but its not about you and that this song is not nice but your nice. When playing this song Amy is multitasking. When the song finishes there is applause. Rivals is next which is the reason why they are here. This is a good song it is different compared to The Boy I Left Behind and I Should I Love You More. It is played at a fast pace and it has nice catchy lyrics. The Biggest Mistake is next. This is a good song it is gentle and Amy is playing the keyboards. The two last songs on the night are Red Mist with added dance moves then Divided which is the title track to her debut album released on 17th August 2009.



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