Polly Scattergood @ The Monarch 30th May 2009

I arrived at The Monarch around about 7pm. I went off to have a look round then I came back 50 minutes later and took a seat on a stool. Polly was on at 11pm and had a 45 minute set. The first artist Lisa Mitchell is an ex Australian Idol contestant. She appeared in the 4th series and finished 6th. Around 9.09pm Lisa took the small stage and started her 5 song set. I really enjoyed her music it is nice and mellowing. The song Neapolitan Dreams you would be familiar with. Lisa says it was in a washing powder advert this commercial being for Surf. Well other songs sung on the night include Pirouette and Stevie. Also there are was a couple more songs that I cant remember the names too but all these songs I imagine would appear on the forthcoming album.



At 10pm Like A Thief took the stage. I would say it was the biggest surprise on the night. I was expecting it to be a male band but instead it was just a female on keyboard. Well Like A Thief is Holly. She performed a 8 track set and I really enjoyed it. I can only remember the first four songs though. The first was Calling All Bunnies. This is a nice song it has a good vibe to it. The same applies with all her songs they are completely mesmerising. I would definitely want to hear her live again and probably hear a album when that is released. The next song is Lyrical Genius which has a fast pace to it. It has really good lyrics. Forecast For Snow is next. Holly mentions it was inspired by Resident Evil 4 and she mentions its like the typewriter on the final chapter. Well the song itself is a strong song. The next song is an amazing cover of Arctic Monkeys “Teddy Picker”. Holly’s version is perfect and unique. There are problems with the piano on the keyboard and she cant hear it. So she stops for a while and the crowd says that we can hear the piano. Well towards the end the piano on the keyboard goes again but Holly still continues thinking we can hear but we cant. There are a further 4 songs in the set and I really enjoyed them. I would definitely want to see Like A Thief again and I predict that we will be hearing a lot more from Holly.



At 10.53pm Polly came onstage seven minutes early. After seeing Polly at Cargo in April this set was slightly shorter. In fact two songs shorter, well the running order of songs was exactly the same apart from Polly’s current single which was shuffled towards the end of the set. Well the first song on the night was I Hate The Way. The song itself is a strong powerful song. Polly has such a wonderful haunting voice. Other Too Endless is a catchy song has good lyrics and melody. The chorus is the stand out bit when Polly sings “It can’t be real”. During the first couple of songs Polly is having issues with the microphone the volume needed to be turned up. But as I was right at the front it didn’t matter. Number 24 was the next song on the night. The song is dark and powerful, you can tell this by Polly’s voice. This is the only Polly song she swears in. Next on the night is Unforgiving Arms. When the song starts Polly has her back to the crowd and then when the song starts she turns round. This song is a gentle mellowing song. The first verse is mainly spoken. I love songs that are slightly spoken because it is so mesmerising. Untitled 27 is the next song on the night. After having heard this song quite a few times it is a mellowing haunting song. It is a dark song as Polly sings about being lost. What I picture from hearing the song is a girl who is in a coma or life support and she is lost in the place her mind is at and she is trying to find the person she loves. When she finds the person she loves that’s when she passes on. You can tell by the tone at the very end. It is like the life support machine at hospitals when it changes to a straight line. Her current single Please Don’t Touch is next. It is a good song and it does involve clapping. It has a killer chorus though and that’s when clapping is needed. I always imagined this song being a set closer because Polly says “I thank you for you kindness”. After the song finishes Polly says she wants us to dance to the next. It is my favourite song Bunny Club. This song gets me dancing. It is immediately infectious brilliant melody perfect lyrics. This was the song that got me hooked on Polly’s songs. Polly has such a haunting voice. It is so hard to single out a single part of the song as its all amazing. The final song on the night is Nitrogen Pink. This was in fact Polly’s first single released and it is a soft song which starts off slow and then gathers pace and gets stronger as the song progresses. It was the perfect song to end on. When Polly finishes she goes to leave the stage and there is some people being persistent that she does one last song. She goes back on stage and starts singing non album track Crystal Breaks. It is a good song it is a mixture of gentleness and heaviness. There is a musical interlude where Polly points the microphone near the guitar to get the sound louder. Polly has such a incredible vocal range and she then signs off again after doing a incredible set. All of Polly’s songs are amazing and its such a pleasure to hear them live.





I Hate The Way

Other Too Endless

Number 24

Unforgiving Arms

Untitled 27

Please Don’t Touch

Bunny Club

Nitrogen Pink


Crystal Breaks



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