Little Boots @ Apple Store 26th May 2009

I arrived pretty early because I did not win a ticket through the various competitions. So when I arrived I had a look round the store played with a couple of Iphones (played the games) then I went outside where the side entrance was and started queuing from 4pm. The second person did not turn up till 6pm. Well when it was nearing 9pm that is when people started to arrive. It is a bit irritating that you have been there for a long while and people turn up just when doors open. Well eventually I got in then ran up the stairs to get to the best place to see the performance. Well I was near the back. In fact I was near the mixing desk, but still I was able to see. Mind you I had a couple of heads in the way.

At 9.15 Little Boots (also known as Victoria Hesketh) took to the stage and did a 7 song set which wets the appetite for when the album is released June 8th. The first song was Earthquake. Now this was a good song to start up with it is a catchy song, great chorus and it definitely has a beat to it. Meddle is next up this was her first release well it was doubled up with Stuck On Repeat. It is a good song instantly recognisable if you have heard it the once. Also it has a infectious chorus. Following on its Tune Into My Heart is the next song. This is a beautiful song with both good lyrics and a good gentle melody. Mathematics is next I quite like this song. As you can tell from the title of the song Mathematic equations are mentioned in the song. The song is not about Maths. It is a very up tempo song. The next song on the set is Remedy this is a good and catchy song with a killer chorus. New In Town Victoria introduces it as her first single I liked this song as there is a beat to it and just hearing it live it does not disappoint. At the very start you hear the electroness of the song then the drums start up. It is sung at a steady pace when Victoria gets to the chorus that is instantly recognisable. The final song on the night being Stuck On Repeat and Victoria has her music tablet which I previously referred to as looking like one of those Lights Out games. The song itself has really good lyrics and a good melody. You can hear the synths. This is a song that you will have Stuck On Repeat.

OVERALL – This was a good instore Victoria was surprised how many people turned up. It was nearly packed. Well I can’t wait to hear the album and see Little Boots live again.



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  1. mediacation says:

    Sorry you had to wait. How old are you?

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