Sharon Van Etten @ Rough Trade East 23rd May 2009

Sharon Van Etten who comes from Brooklyn is one amazing artist. She was kind enough to take part in the 10 questions with series (You can find it by just going to the drop down button on the left side of the blog and selecting the 10 questions with category). Sharon sings beautiful folk songs and has a haunting voice. This was the last day that Sharon was in the UK as she was playing at The Borderline with Great Lake Swimmers later on in the evening.

Well back to the instore, it was different. I got there about 10 minutes before it was starting. There were loads of boxes on the main stage. I noticed Sharon was there and she was doing her set where the chairs, sofas and Apple Macs are. So I made my way there and sat on the stall directly in front of Sharon. Like I said it was different Sharon was sitting down with her guitar when singing with no microphone. You could say it was like a busk but with a added electric guitar. Sharon has a strong voice. Sharon sang 8 songs all which were from her debut album. The songs that I remember are Consolation Prize, I Fold, Keep, I Wish I Knew and she ended with For You. For the fourth song she was joined by Julie and Erik from Great Lake Swimmers. Sharon mentioned to me when she replied back to me with her answers for 10 questions with she hopes there will be a special guest. Well Sharon was excited about the fact she has an album out. She mentioned that she saw it on vinyl for the first time today.

After I had a chat with Sharon and she was a bit sad that it was her last day with Great Lake Swimmers that night and she will try and do something with them at The Borderline. Sharon also mentioned she looks forward getting back to New York so she can go on her computer as she only has her Blackberry. Well when I left Sharon I purchased a copy of vinyl and it went straight on my player when I got home.


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