Ladyhawke @ Koko 21st May 2009

I was outside the Koko 2 and a half hours early expecting there to be more of a queue but I was the first one. So I just sat and waited. The queue did start to pick up nearer to when the doors opened at 7pm. I got right to the front the equipment was already set up and you could tell one of the supports was Tommy Sparks. Around 7.40pm the first support act came on stage. They were a band who come all the way from New Zealand called Charlie Ash. The venue was not packed out yet even though it was a sell out. It is ashame really as they were a really good band. They sung a host of material that I really enjoyed. One of the songs Wake Up You’re Not Asleep Now featured on the EP that the band were selling on the night. The last song Rosie comes out to the crowd and sits on the barrier when singing. Overall brilliant opening band and they are a band I think will go far.

Tommy Sparks is next on the night. He had a 6 song set. Well when Tommy came onto the stage he was wearing a Pikachu outfit. He only wore it for the first three songs then took it off. Tommy threw the outfit into the crowd. Well it was nice seeing Tommy again this time with a full backing band. Of course with a full backing band the would sound different when I first heard them. Well Tommy opened with Much Too Much then Miracle followed by Brand New Love. Much Too Much is actually a really good song. Well after Tommy removes the outfit he goes into singing single She’s Got Me Dancing. This gets the crowd moving. After Tommy sings bit of the Stardust song – Music Sounds Better With You and also someone from the crowd sings part of the song. The final two songs are Weekends Over and I’m A Rope.



Around 9.40 Ladyhawke took the stage. The band came on stage and played a introduction. Phillips then came to the stage picked up her electric guitar and went into the first song Magic. This set included mostly album tracks one b side and a couple of cover versions. Magic is the first song from the album. Magic definitely got the crowd warmed up. This song has a good tune to it, it was a good song to open to. It has a beat to it and everything gels together. After there is applause the next song is Professional Suicide. It has a slow start and you notice the electro ness to the song. But this song is infectious with the chorus and the Na na nas. The crowd loved this song basically they loved the whole set. Manipulating Woman was the third song on the night and the last song that the photographers could take photos too. This is the second song off the album when it starts its very drum influenced they are played throughout the song. Up next is Dusk Till Dawn. As soon as Phillipa plays the first chords of the song the crowd erupts. The crowd loves this song as they join in with the chorus. I really like this song it is one of my favourite songs. Well after there is a rapture of applause. Following on is Oh My. Now this song is definitely a grower well the audience certainly liked it. Proceeding it is Another Runaway. Now this song opens up really well it is a medium paced song with some catchy lyrics. The song definitely gets you going. The next song on the night is Love Don’t Live Here this song is infact the song that follows on the album. This song is softer compared to all the other songs that were sung on the night. It is a good song though. Danny and Jenny which appeared on the vinyl of the first release of Paris Is Burning is the next song on the net then after that it is Better Than Sunday. The song starts off well and when Phillipa starts singing it captivates me. The song has a good beat and good lyrics. Next up is a fairly interest cover of Britney Spears Womanizer. I am guessing that it was the lyrics to the song that were stuck onto the speakers. But Phillipa delivered a faultless performance of the song. It was interesting to hear her own take on the song and it was brilliant. The crowd were joining in with the song and when Phillipa had finished there was a rapture of applause. Crazy World is the next song. It has really good lyrics and a catchy chorus. I would say as soon as Phillipa hit’s the chorus that is when the bar is raised another notch. After the song there is applause then Phillipa announces she has a couple of songs left. She also thanks the audience for coming and then launches into her current single Back Of The Van. There is plenty of audience participation singing along to the song. It is a really good song I am surprised it was only released just as a download. This song has powerful catchy lyrics. From the audience participation that it is definitely a crowd please. Straight away Phillipa launches into Paris Is Burning. This song in one word is amazing. The crowd loved this song. Well it was a extended version of the song. I love everything about it lyrics and the beats. The audience loves this song by joining in with the chorus. Phillipa leaves the stage to loads of applause and a couple of minutes later she comes back to sing cover Free Money and then My Delirium. As soon as the song starts there are cheers and as soon as it is the chorus you have everyone joining in. It was definitely a good song to end on. Once the band leaves the stage there is a lot of applause.


Professional Suicide
Manipulating Woman
Dusk Till Dawn
Oh My
Another Runaway
Love Don’t Live Here
Danny and Jenny
Better Than Sunday
Crazy World
Back Of The Van
Paris Is Burning


Free Money
My Delirium


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