Ane Brun @ Union Chapel 20th May 2009

I arrived outside the chapel a about 1 hour 30 minutes before doors open. Yes it was early but I wanted to get a pew at the front. So come 19.00pm doors opened. Well they actually opened a couple of minutes earlier. There were two queues one with tickets and the other being box office collection. Both queues were going through the same door. So when everyone started to go in I went up to the front and took the pew right in front of the stage. The Union Chapel is a beautiful venue inside and the acoustics for gigs like this are perfect. Well anyways I was sitting at the front I took a wander around saw the stage times and then took my place for the wait of 55minutes. To keep me occupied I was playing mini golf on my mobile phone.

The first act on was The Boy Who Trapped The Sun who comes from the Isle Of Lewis. I really liked the music it was to follow the same style of the other acts on the night. I would say his music was folk music and good music as well. I really enjoyed his set. For a couple of songs Edith joined on Cello. I would like to hear more music in the future. The most memorable song has to be the one that had a story to it. It was a ghost story which was true and what happened was the police got a prank call and they went to the house only to find no one there and no phone. The house was a run down house. I think it was called In The Dark. The set ended at 8.25pm and the stage was set up for the next artist.

  The next two acts were on one after the other. First up it was Jennie Abrahamson (Above). She took to the stage and went straight to the microphone with her guitar accompanying her. Jennie only sang three songs but her voice is amazing the acoustics that you get from the chapel add to the performance. After Jennie had finished Rebekka Karijord (Below) took to the stage and went straight to the piano where she would stay for her set. Rebekka. I love her Sweedish accent. Well she only sings three songs. For the last there is a bit of banter from Rebekka and she says she has gained a fan club in Birmingham and they requested a song called If I Should Fall. When Rebekka finishes she leaves the stage. Now Rebekka has such a strong and powerful voice.

Ane came on at 9.10 to perform a mammoth 15 songs. The songs were mostly from her new album Changing Of The Seasons, plus a couple of old songs, new songs and a cover. To start things off it was My Lover Will Go. This features on A Temporary Drive which was Ane’s second album release. Her voice is amazing there is something about it I like. It is so powerful and strong. The acoustics only add to that. Ane has a haunting voice which makes each song brilliant. Raise My Head is next  which is taken from Changing Of The Seasons it is a good song as are all the other tracks that are on that album. Well after it is back to a track from A Temporary Drive. To Let Myself Go is a good song and there are certain parts that stand out. Next it is back to tracks from Changing Of The Seasons. The song is Gillian. I like this song it is a lovely song and parts of the song stand out. The Puzzle is next Ane mentions its about exploding hearts. This is a good song there is definitely a pace to it. I would actually compare Ane to Laura Marling. Title track Changing Of The Seasons is next. Ane dedicates the song to any Scandinavians in the audience or people who will feel like a Scandinavian after. When the song finishes there is applause and Ane then starts singing Round Table Conference. This is a strong song and it stands out from the very start. When the song finishes Ane’s diamonds who are Rebekka and Jennie who sang prior to Ane and then there is Rachel. Well they leave the stage and Ane does two songs solo. First up is Lullaby For Grown Ups. This is a slow song. Following on it is new song Take It Slow. It is a good new song and the words Take It Slow are prominent throughout. The diamonds come back onto the stage and songs from Changing Of The Seasons continue. The next song was Armour I really like this song from the very start it captivates me till the very end. The Treehouse Song goes one better it is a brilliant song. For some reason when the song starts Emmy The Great springs to my mind for some reason. It has a beautiful fast paced chorus. If I remember correctly this was the song where Ane said she is now friends with her ex and asked the audience who was friends with their ex. Well My Star is next on the list. It has a really good start from the very first chord and it doesn’t disappoint. The Fall follows on then Don’t Leave is after that. The final song of the night is Ten Seconds. This is a brilliant song to end a perfect set on. Like I have said the acoustics are amazing. This song has good verses and a good chorus. After there is a rapture of applause and Ane says thank you before her and her diamonds leave the stage. When Ane returns for her three song encore she starts off with If I Had A Ribbon Bow which is a cover she did for Wears The Trousers. Non album song Petrified Forest was next then followed by Balloon Ranger. Balloon Ranger featured on A Temporary Drive. Ane also mentions that it shares the name of the record label she is on but states the song came first the record label followed. This song is amazing it is so haunting and the acoustics add to that


My Lover Will Go
Raise My Head
To Let Myself Go
The Puzzle
Changing Of The Seasons
Round Table Conference
Lullaby For Grown Ups
Take It Slow
The Treehouse Song
My Star
The Fall
Don’t Leave
Ten Seconds


If I Had A Ribbon Bow
Petrified Forest
Balloon Ranger

OVERALL – This was a brilliant gig. I love gigs at the Union Chapel. I enjoyed the support acts as well and I am definitely going to see Ane when she is next in the UK. She is one brilliant artist.


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