#10. Ten Questions With… Heathers

Irish band Heathers consist of Ellie and Louise. I have only seen this band once on what was their first time in the UK and what aa band they are. They are brilliant they are definately a band I would want to see again and again. When I first saw them it was just them and they were accompanied by an  acoustic guitar.

The album Here Not There is up there in my favourite albums of all time. So when Ellie agreed to contribute I was extremely pleased.

Q 01. What was your first musical instrument and where did you get it?

We both started playing piano when we were about 6 i think and have been playing ever since.i think the piano was in the house since we were born.later on louise picked up the guitar!

Q 02. What was your favourite gig you have headlined or supported at?

Im not sure,we’ve played so many amazing gigs.some of the best have been with friends bands. although the gig with kimya was amazing!we really really enjoyed that. it was our first gig in london awell which was cool.

Q 03. If you were to collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

hmmmmm,i dont have a clue,we’d probabaly be too nervous to collaborate with. im going to say bruce springsteen because we love him but to be honest,any band we pespect and love(too many to name).we just did a collaboration with our mates super extra bonus party which was so much fun!

Q 04. Favourite song to sing live and why?

hmm,probabaly honey please because we have to hold our breaths for the longest and it nearly always gos wrong which can either be hilarious or really bad.

Q 05. Favourite music venue and why?

hmmm, eamonn dorans has a real nostalgic feel to it as we played our release gig there. as does the lower deck where we played our first ever gig.hideaway house is also sweet.nice intimate feeling to it!

Q 06. Where do you get your inspiration from when writing songs?

Everything.Our friends, anything thats going on at that moment in time.

Q 07. Describe your music in 3 words?

energetic, different, bursting with harmonies.

Q 08. What tips do you offer to any one wanting to become a singer or start a band?

Just go for it. You can do it. You don’t need to wait around to be signed or anything. Just go for it.And have fun!

Q 09. Who is your favourite singer or band at the moment?

hmmmm,hard pne. it changes soooo much i don’t even know.i think for louise its probably yeah yeah yeahs at the moment.for me i’ve been listening to a lot of bands that i used to listen to a lot again such as, the mars volta, talking heads, weezer, sufjan stevens, yann tiersen.

Q 10. Goals for the year?

Juggle college and music successfully! Write new songs! Play gigs! Tour! Maybe release something new! and have tonnes of FUN!

To hear material by Heathers go to: www.myspace.com/heatherswhatsyourdamage

Or if you are lucky enough to live in America here are the forthcoming tour dates:

4 Jun 2009 19:00
The Fun House Chicago, Illinois
6 Jun 2009 20:00
Bloomington, IN Bloomington, Indiana
7 Jun 2009 17:00
Crucial Fun Fest @ YMCA Lexington, Kentucky
8 Jun 2009 20:00
Monster House Columbus, Ohio
9 Jun 2009 20:00
Franks Basement Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10 Jun 2009 20:00
3166 Mount Pleasant Street NW, washington DC, Washington DC Washington DC, Washington DC
11 Jun 2009 20:00
Charm City Arts Space Baltimore, Maryland
12 Jun 2009 20:00
SCRAPPLE FEST (under the bridge) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
13 Jun 2009 20:00
PiLam Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
14 Jun 2009 20:00
New York New York, New York
15 Jun 2009 20:00
Death By Audio Brooklyn, New York
16 Jun 2009 20:00
The Fucking Discovery Zone New Haven, Connecticut
17 Jun 2009 20:00
126 Eastern Ave. Worcester, Massachusetts
17 Jun 2009 20:00
paper cuts info/zine/library Cambridge, Massachusetts
19 Jun 2009 20:00
Strange Maine Portland, Maine
20 Jun 2009 20:00
Next Level Shit Day Fest Brattleboro, Vermont
21 Jun 2009 20:00
New Paltz, New York New Paltz, New York
22 Jun 2009 20:00
castle rockmoore @ 113 w. borden ave Syracuse, New York
23 Jun 2009 20:00
Sugar City Buffalo, New York
24 Jun 2009 20:00
The Soggy Dog House Lakewood, Ohio
25 Jun 2009 20:00
Bike House Cincinnati, Ohio
26 Jun 2009 20:00
The Trumbullplex Detroit, Michigan
27 Jun 2009 20:00
1425 Forbes st. Kalamazoo, Michigan
28 Jun 2009 20:00
The Patti Mayonnaise Appleton, Wisconsin
29 Jun 2009 20:00
CCC Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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