Poetry Corner: #05. Eight Questions With…. Yanny Mac

I first saw Yanny way back in June last year and I really enjoyed his poetry.

So I was pleased that Yanny found some spare time to contribute to Planet Music Reviews:

Q 01. How did you get into writing poetry?

My uncle Declan played fly-half for Ireland in the 1960’s, and whilst on a tour of New Zealand, he wrote a series of poems for his family, that I was unfortunate enough to read when I was about 17. They were absolutely awful and no-one would dare consider publishing them. I hated Declan. He always smelled of sweat & Ralgex, and had a habit of farting during Songs Of Praise. I decided to pick up a pen and write about my feelings for him. My first ever poem was called ‘The Washing of Declan O’Hara’ (not his real surname) and it too, was awful.

Q 02. How long have you been writing poetry for?

I was seventeen, so I guess about twelve years?
My age is a mystery to me.

Q 03. What inspires you when writing poems?

For years I banged on about ‘social injustice’, ‘the failings of feminism’ and ‘narcissism’, but then I met Pikey Paddy (Patrick Lappin), and well….. fell in love!
My writing took on a different tone after that. I spent 18months writing about flowers & forbidden fruit, but it wasn’t until we split up, that I found my muse.
I now write about cleaning products & depression.

Q 04. Who is your favourite poet and why?

I do like Scroobius Pip.

Q 05. Describe your poems in three words?


Q 06. What poets do you advise people to listen to?

T.S. Eliot read by Trigger from Dibley (Roger Lloyd Pack)

Q 07. Goals for the year?

I’m hoping to get Luke Wright to retire with me. We’ve got a ‘mini-pub’ in my garden shed, and we need a space to babysit our children. The pub is perfect, because we make the rules.
I might try and knock out my anthology too.
Look out for it. It’s called “Suburban Myths & Misses”.

Q 08. What tips do you offer to any budding poets?

Get a proper job. The romance of fingerless gloves, tapping on a typewriter, in a damp bedsit, can quite quickly become rather tiresome.

To hear poetry by Yanny go to: www.myspace.com/yannymacdomesticgoddess


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