Poetry Corner: #04. Eight Questions With…. Luke Wright

I last saw Luke perform his poetry at Laura Dockrill’s book launch for her Puregroove exclusive “Hold To My Ear”. Luke is probably the hardest working man is poetry and is a 4Talent award winner.

Since 2006 he’s launched his own curve-ball bid to become Poet Laureate, programmed and hosted Latitude’s poetry arena (the largest poetry event in Europe) and has become the newest poet-in-residence on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live. In 2009 he took contemporary poetry onto primetime TV, writing all the poetry for Channel 4’s The Seven Ages of Love, a 30 minute documentary that gained ‘pick of the day’ in 8 national publications and was broadcast to over a million people.

Luke has had three solo poetry stage shows: Poet Laureate, Poet & Man, A Poet’s Work Is Never Done as well as releasing a book Who Writes This Crap? (co-written with Joel Stickley) in Penguin in 2007. A live show based on the book enjoyed a sell-out run at Edinburgh 2008.

Luke has a new show called The Petty Concerns of Luke Wright which debuts at The 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Here are Luke’s questions and answers:

Q 01. How did you get into writing poetry?

I began writing lyrics aged 14 after listening to Blur’s Country House. I was fascinated with the witty rhymes and social commentary on The Great Escape. I guess I still am, though I also like telling stories these days too.

Q 02. How long have you been writing poetry for?

About 14 years, though I’ve been performing poems for about ten and making a full time living from it for about 4 and half years.

Q 03. What inspires you when writing poems?

All sorts of things. I go through stages of being a media junky, reading stacks of blogs, newspapers, websites; watching TV round the clock and having the radio on in the car. That constant conversation can be inspiring. Other times I drop out of our national conversation completely and try and unlock things in my memories. Either way works, I go through stages of writing more about the world than myself and visa-versa.

Q 04. Who is your favourite poet and why?

It’s hard to pick a ‘favourite’ but the last poet I went crazy for was Larkin. He was very important in helping me add the finishing touches to my own ‘voice.’

Q 05. Describe your poems in three words?

formal; modern; funny

Q 06. What poets do you advise people to listen to?

Of our new breed I recommend John Osborne, Ross Sutherland, Molly Naylor, Tim Clare, Joe Dunthorne, Dockers MC, Caroline Bird, Niall O Sullivan and I’d also watch out for a very young poet called Jack Stannard, you’ll be hearing a lot more from him I hope.

Q 07. Goals for the year?

To retire

Q 08. What tips do you offer to any budding poets?


To hear Luke’s poetry go to: http://www.myspace.com/lukewrightpoet

For Poems, Blogs, Live Dates, Tweets and Videos go to: lukewright.co.uk


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