Poetry Corner: #03. Eight Questions With…. Kelly Marie

Kelly Marie is a poet I had the honour of meeting once. She is a extremely talented poet and not a single one of her poems is bad. I like all of them. Poetry is something I have started to enjoy. So when Kelly contributed to this blog by answering the eight questions I was extremley pleased.

Here is a little biography about Kelly:

Started out in February 2008 with Lazy Gramophone at the Macbeth… really couldn’t of asked for a better first gig, it was so much fun. Definite highlight since then has been playing the Queens Head Stage at Glastonbury, majorly contributed towards last summer being filled with lovely times, good poetry, amazing music, being cute and LAUGHING. so much. At Goldsmiths College London now, studying English, soaking up all the knowledge and alcohol I can and not really churning out a lot of poetry. Just you wait though……….

Q 01. How did you get into writing poetry?

I read A LOT when i was younger, my dad used to get annoyed because I never stopped. ever. It was probably because of Matilda, I read the book and watched the film and loved it so much. Still do.

Q 02. How long have you been writing poetry for?

I used to enter competitions when I was at school, I wrote a poem about a lazy cat when I was seven and it got put into a book. I sort of lost my way a bit then I read the Bell Jar when I was about 14 and got completely sucked in again.

Q 03. What inspires you when writing poems?

Usually new films or music that I fall in love with or things my friends do. Actually its when I get really annoyed about something.

Q 04. Who is your favourite poet and why?

SYLVIA PLATH. People are too quick to judge her and cant see past the suicide but she’s amazing. I went to see her play a couple of months ago and it made me feel all weird in the head, in a good way! I’ve never encountered anyone as good with imagery as her. except maybe Elizabeth Bishop.

Q 05. Describe your poems in three words?

Fun, childish, annoying.

Q 06. What poets do you advise people to listen to?

I’m actually a bit of a geek and love looking up old sound clips of famous writers reading their work, you never know completely what it’s all about unless you do. But erm, I’ve definitely go and see Scroobius Pip, Byron Vincent, Salena Godden, Dockers MC, Luke Wright… Basically just go to Latitude Festival.

Q 07. Goals for the year?

Be more motivated with uni in the second year. I surpassed my own laziness this year.

Q 08. What tips do you offer to any budding poets?

Just be fun and don’t be a nervous wreck like me.
To hear Kelly’s poetry go to: http://www.myspace.com/ohsoglitzykellymarie

To go to Kelly’s Tumblr go to: http://kellyandicecream.tumblr.com/

To follow Kelly on Twitter go to: http://twitter.com/kellypiercy

Also if you live in the Essex area you can catch Kelly at the Fling Festival in Chelmsford on
Saturday 4th July 2009


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