Leona Naess @ The Black Gardenia 13th May 2009

After seeing KASMS at Rough Trade East I decided to make my way down to The Black Gardenia in Soho to catch Leona Naess play live as it was her album launch. Leona was also playing there the day after. So after spending about a couple of minutes trying to find the pub I purchased a ticket got my hand stamped and made my way down the stairs. The capacity was only 100 people and the bar is in a basement. Well I managed to get my way to near the front as there were two different rooms one with the bar and the other which was a packed small area was where Leona was playing.

Leona had just started and the first couple of songs I was at the back but I then managed to push my way to the front as I made the excuse that I needed to go to the loo which was situated right at the front. When I got near the front I saw a few people were sitting down. Well I had a perfect view and got some good pictures. Leona sang songs from her album Thirteens and a new one. I cant remember the set from the top of my head but I think some of the songs played included Leave Your Boyfriend Behind, Ghosts In The Attic, Unnamed, On My Mind, Sunny Sunday. When I first saw Leona supporting Polly Scattergood her music is something that I really enjoyed.

Overall it was a good gig. It was all wrapped up by 9.30. After I met Leona said I enjoyed her set and then made my way home.


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