KASMS @ Rough Trade East 13th May 2009

I had always wanted to see KASMS after I could not catch them on the Camden Crawl due to the many clashings between bands. So when I knew they were playing Rough Trade East I left my house and made my way to Brick Lane. Well at 17.20 I had arrived I collected my wristband and went off to have a look round the shop. I purchased a ticket for Field Day, Marissa Nadler’s Little Hells on vinyl as well as a copy of Sprayed by KASMS. Well this instore was due to take place at 19.00pm but it started 10 minutes later.

This instore was a high octane rollercoaster ride. Rachel put everything into it. It oozed energy and it did remind me when I saw Be Your Own Pet. I can see similarities between both. Well this instore did have its problems one that I can remember is that a song stopped as a drum key was needed for the drums. Rachel then left that song and went onto the next by declaring it isn’t her favourite song. I only wish I actually knew the songs that were in the set, Well the songs that I remembered were Insects, Bone You, Male Bonding, Taxidermy and I think Sprayed. It was simply amazing Rachel came into the crowd and started barging people, she also spun around on the floor and she jumped over a speaker which could of gone wrong but didn’t.

Overall it was a energetic instore, KASMS are a band that I love and will definitely see again. If this is what a instore is like god only knows what a actual gig. Well after I met Rachel had a few words with her. Rachel hurt her eye after hitting the microphone stand. I hope her injury only turned out to be a bruise.


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