Marissa Nadler @ The Luminaire 6th May 2009

I arrived at The Luminaire around 18.00pm. I found out the doors opened at 20.00pm so I had 2 hours to find something to do. So I went in the bar opposite and sat down and read my copy of NME. Well at 19.30pm I then went outside and started waiting by the doors. The doors opened on time and when they did everyone started to go in. So I made my way up the stairs said my name which got crossed of the list and I got my hand stamped. I then have a look at the merch then make my way to the spot were I was when I saw Emily Barker. So I sat down and waited till Erin Lang was on at 9. I had already purchased a copy of Ballads Of Living and Dying by Marissa Nadler on Vinyl.

A hour later Erin Lang came on the stage and sung the first song Good Years solo. After the song ended her band came onto the stage. Despite the Irish sounding name Erin actually was born in Montreal, Canada. Next up is They Say the whole band come on stage. Erin plays it using a ukulele. It is a really gentle song which has a good melody and the lyrics compliment it. Following on is You’re Coming Home. I like this song it has a beat to it, I really like the melody. For Happy To See You Erin is joined by another artist called Lettie Lettie is amazing and I loved this song (well I loved all songs on the night). This is a nice ballad which you can actually picture what’s happening from the lyrics. For A Thousand Years Erin is on a electric guitar. She introduces the song and starts playing. There is something I like about Erin’s voice she makes the lyrics of the song sound soft and gentle. This song has a good melody which makes the lyrics catchy. You’re Better Off  has a good melody to it, it is easy listening to and it feels gentle and mellowing. Next in the set is Lightning. Erin describes this as being a disaster ballad. Erin is on the accordion and I really like this song it sounds more dark compared to the others. Until Then appears on the album preview EP Choose Your Own Adventure. It is a good song and I really like it. The last song was Dragons. Erin introduces the song and then you have the sound of the accordion. Roger O’Donnell is on the accordion also plays the keyboard for the previous songs. I like this song it is a slow song Erin is on her electric guitar but the accordion overpowers it. When Dragons finishes there is a rapture of applause and Erin thanks the audience. I took four videos from the nine song set and I really enjoyed each song. I look forward to hearing more material from Erin as these songs captivated me from beginning to end. Seven of the songs played on the night are from the forthcoming album You Are Found which I look forward to getting a copy of.

Marissa Nadler is on at 10pm and she was simply breath taking. I first listened to Marissa just by checking out everyone who was performing at The Luminaire and Marissa was on of those artists that stood out. We were spoilt for choice with 15 songs played during Marissa’s set these included songs spanning over all her 5 albums a couple of covers and even a new song. The first song on the night was Diamond Heart which is taken from the album Songs III: Bird On The Water. Marissa sings the song by herself with just a acoustic guitar. Marissa is in a long white dress. Marissa has a haunting voice and it is simply mesmerising. Daisy And Violet Marissa mentioned it is about two Siamese girls and they were forced to work in a market in America. As well as Marissa having a haunting voice each song has the hint of folkiness in.  Summer Of Love Is Over is taken from the album Ivy and the Clovers. Now this is a good song there is a steady pace when Marissa is playing on the acoustic guitar. I really like the lyrics and it has a good melody. There is a bit in the song when it gets faster then it reverts back to the same steady pace. Following on is Fifty Five Falls which was infact the first track on debut album Ballads Of Living And Dying. As Marissa has a haunting voice parts of this song are powerful.  Just hearing her live is mesmerising and spellbinding. Taken from Songs III Dying Breed is the next song. It’s a nice song it has a steady pace which I like it also has good lyrics. The first song to be performed on the night from the new album Little Hells is The Hole Is Wide. As soon as Marissa starts singing it keeps me captivated till the very end. What I like is hearing songs stripped down. As you probably would of guessed live versions are never exactly the same as album versions. The difference between album version and live version is phenomenal. Next it is Under An Old Umbrella. I am a bit hazy with this song I think it was played. Well it is a good song and is taken from Marissa’s second album The Saga Of Mayflower May. Little Hells taken from the album of the same name is next and it is a amazing song. Marissa has a haunting voice and it is going at a fast ish pace. I like this song as you get a good vibe from this song. I find that if a song has a good melody then it can have a mellowing affect on you and all of Marissa’s songs have that. Parts of this song stand out. Next on the night is Mexican Summer. I thought that this song was wrote after the re release of Ballads Of Living And Dying as that vinyl was released on the label Mexican Summer. But the song was written way before that. This song has a steady pace and like all songs Marissa has a haunting voice. This song is beautiful the way it is sung makes it beautiful. Heart Paper Lover which is the album opener of Little Hells follows on from Mexican Summer. It starts off well and with the drums being played there is definitely a beat to the song. Oh Lonesome Me which is a cover of Neil Young is the next song on the set list. I really like this cover Marissa has a beautiful voice and delivers this song impeccably. I even have the performance still stuck in my head. Well the last song before the encore was Mistress which is taken from Little Hells. Well Marissa says this song is about being a mistress. The thing I like is that each song had been extended for a little. There is a beat to this song. Well the band goes offstage only for Marissa to return and perform a new song called Dead Wives Club. Now from the first listen I really like this song I really want to hear it again live. The penultimate song on the night was a cover of Townes Van Zandt’s Colorado Girl. Carter Tanton who is in the band Tulsa sings backup vocals. The set then ended with Silvia. Marissa was having trouble playing it. She stopped two times and got it right on the third. This was a good song to end on because when she played it at the end there was something special about it. There is a beat to the song and it is played at a steady pace. When the song is finished there is a rapture of applause and Marissa goes off the stage with her band and the venue starts emptying.


Diamond Heart
Daisy And Violet
Summer Of Love Is Over
Fifty Five Falls
Dying Breed
The Hole Is Wide
Under An Old Umbrella
Little Hells
Mexican Summer
Heart Paper Lover
Oh Lonesome Me
Dead Wives Club
Colorado Girl

Check Out Marissa Nadler –
Check Out Erin Lang –


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