Emily Barker @ The Luminaire 1st May 2009

I saw Emily Barker early on in the month where she was doing a instore at Brill with Jo Silverston who I have met on a couple of occasions. Originally I was going to get a ticket before I saw her at Brill but plans for Friday weren’t set in stone yet. So after hearing Emily on 18th April I really liked her songs. Emily was going to be with The Red Clay Halo at The Luminaire a venue I have seen but have not been in. Well soon as I knew that I was going to be free on the Friday I booked my ticket. Well The Luminaire looks very small on the outside but bigger on the inside. You could say its like a TARDIS. Well at 19.30pm everyone started to go in. I made my way up the stairs and then through the doors going into the venue. I had a quick look at the merchandise and took my place at the front of the stage. Well there was a little gap between the stage and were the crowd were. During the first two acts everyone towards the front were sitting down. First up was Irish folk singer Eoin O’Ruainigh. He did have some good tracks he actually reminded me of another artist but I cannot put my finger on it. Well I enjoyed the songs as I did not lose interest. However Eoin was not to my liking. Still as always I will give him a second chance as his tracks may have to grow on you. However the second artist Danny Schmidt. Danny comes from America and he is a folk singer who has some really good songs. He was sitting on a chair right in front of me with just a acoustic guitar. I would definitely want to hear more from him and he is a artist worth checking out on Myspace.

The main act Emily Barker started her set at 9.30. When they were setting up I said Hi to both Emily and Jo. Well for this gig Emily was joined by The Red Clay Halo. The first song on the night was All Love Knows. This song is taken off the current album Despite The Snow. After hearing Emily for the first time on 18th April I fell in love with her music. Well this song is a pure folk song. You can tell by the way it is sung and the violins that are played in the background. Folk music is something I have really got into listening to. As well as Emily playing the acoustic guitar she has a attachment which holds a harmonica which Emily plays. Up next is Sideline. This song starts off as being soft and gentle. I really like this song because Emily has a powerful voice. You have the violins and cello being played as well. This song has a different feel to the style of the first song. Third on the night is Serendipity which then leads straight into This Is How It’s Meant To Be. The song has a good start to it that has me captivated until the very end. I really like the lyrics. Folk music seems to be gentle and soothing and this song is one of them. Blackbird is the fourth song on the night. This song has a beat to it. It has a good melody and a nice feel melody wise. You also have the accordion playing. Next up it’s a new song called Little Deaths. I heard this song before at Brill and thought it was Blackbird. Little Deaths is a brilliant song and one I would like to hear the mastered version too. Next up was another instrumental which then led into the song Storm In A Teacup. This is a mid tempo song and I really like it. It has a really good melody as Emily had the band playing with her. Just the fact that she has Jo on Cello and Anna and Gill on Violin it just sounds amazing. Following on is Nostalgia which is the first track on album Despite The Snow. It starts off with Emily playing the Harmonica. This song is another slow song and it feels like a gentle song with the added melody and lyrics. Next is another instrumental which is Fairies and Maggie. The next song being Fields Of June. This is a powerful song from start to end. Emily has such a wonderful voice. It has a good melody and well as lyrics. As I have said before I look for good melodies first and the lyrics then blends in, and this song does just that. Fields Of June definitely has a beat to it. Proceeding is Under These Blue Skies. Emily dedicates the song to her brother Joel. This song is a soft gentle slow ballad. Straight after it is Disappear. This was taken from album Despite The Snow and I would say that this is the song that stands out from the rest. It has a fast pace followed by good lyrics and a melody. I really like this song because it is both strong and catchy. The last song on the night is Despite The Snow which for some reason does not appear on the album. It is a really good song and it is one worth checking out. It is a slow song. Well the band go offstage to a rapture of applause Emily stays on stage and starts the encore of The Greenway which is going to be on a movie soundtrack to a film that has yet to be made. This is a nice song Emily is by herself with only a acoustic guitar for company. This is a slow gentle song and it is one that has a meaning behind it. After Emily has finished the band come back to the stage glasses filled with red wine. They then begin to do a cover of Neil Young’s Look Out For My Love. I have not heard the original but I really liked this version.


All Love Knows
Serendipity/ This Is How It’s Meant To Be
Little Deaths
Red/ Storm In A Teacup
Fairies/ Maggie
Fields Of June
Under These Bruised Skies
Despite The Snow
The Greenway
Look Out For My Love

AFTERMATH – I really enjoyed this gig. The Luminaire is such a good venue. After the gig I purchased both of Emily’s albums and got a free poster I got signed.

Check Out Emily’s Myspace at – http://www.myspace.com/emilybarker


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