Bandstand Busking w/ Fanfarlo + Kill It Kid @ Northampton Square, Islington 3rd May 2009

I arrived for my second ever bandstand busk around 12. There were only a couple of people there and the weather was looking a bit shifty. It went dark then to light and it was quite nippy too. Well the sun stayed out and it did not rain. Well this busk was running late, it started at 1.30 with Fanfarlo. To occupy me during the wait I was too busy tweeting as I had unlimited free texts at the weekend.

At 13.30pm Fanfarlo took their place in the hut. I first heard of Fanfarlo when they were going to do a instore at Puregroove as Puregroove was doing a special edition of the Reservoir album. Well that instore was called off and I decided to attend this busk. Fanfarlo are a band consisting of 5 people and they opened the 4 track set with Harold T Wilkins. I really like this song it has good lyrics and there is a beat to it. The next two songs are Finish Line followed by Comets. Now I really like these songs and the fact that it is acoustic adds a good vibe to the busk. Last song Luna has a beat to it and it starts off as being fast paced and continues to do so till the end of the song. Well I enjoyed Fanfarlo’s set I would definitely want to see them again.

Next up is Kill It Kid and I was surprised to see a band as I thought it would just be one person. They only did a four track set but the four songs captivated me to the very end. I would definitely see them again and I will be more intrigued to hear more material. The songs that they sung included My Lips Want To Be Kept In, Private Idaho, Bye Bye Bird and they ended with Day Before I Die. The vocals are amazing and I love the melody as well. The fact it’s a busk makes it extra special.

Check out Fanfarlo –
Check Out Kill It Kid –


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