Roxy Rawson/ The Mores @ Puregroove, Farringdon 30th April 2009

After having visited the Puregroove website and viewing the list of instores taking place I came across Roxy Rawson. Now what I liked about the description for this event was she was like a UK version of Regina Spektor. Now I like Regina so I was intrigued to see what she was like. I checked out her Myspace liked the songs and saw she had a EP coming out. Puregroove were selling advanced copies as it is released on 4th May.

First up was Roxy the first three songs were new songs which I hadn’t heard before as they don’t feature on the EP. The last two were Sick Tray and Philanthropy. Now what can I say about this short set well it was fantastic. Roxy is a extremely good violin player and she plays it throughout all her songs bar Sick Tray. There is not a single bad song I look forward to hearing more releases by Roxy and see her again but with a longer set. Puregroove set the standards extremely high by saying she is like the UK version of Regina Spektor and overall Roxy ded not disappoint. When Roxy came off stage I had a chat with her and she was so sweet. I got a photo and she said she was shy. Roxy also said to me did I come down to see The Mores and I told Roxy that I came down to see her.

The Mores were the surprise of the night. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the music but I found myself staying till the very end. They did a four song set which included Celery, Life After Life and current single When A Man Loves Another Man. They did a encore of one song which was Until The End. The tracks performed were really good but the best from the ones performed has to be Celery.


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  1. Hey, I have just been youtubing Roxy Rawson, I am now a fan! Good tip there mate.

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