Nightmare Of You @ Monto Water Rats 28th April 2009

After hearing Dear Scene, I Wish I Was Death which was featured on Fifa 2007 I checked out Nightmare Of You’s music saw that they had an album out listened to that and that was how I got into the bands music. After seeing that they were embarking on 11 day tour of the UK I was intrigued to get a ticket as I really liked the debut album. The tour was starting on 18th April at The Peel in Kingston and ending at Monto Water Rats.

The first band on the night was Reamonn. Originally they weren’t on the bill as playing so you could say this was a added bonus. Well Reamonn are a German pop rock band who are well known across Europe, however they have not visited the UK. So after having four dates that they wound be playing at the Water Rats this was one of them. I really liked the music  it was not to heavy rock influenced as each song was good to listen to. Songs performed on the night included Faith, Set Of Keys, Through The Eyes Of A Child, Million Miles, Free Like A Bird, Moments Like This and It’s Over Now all of which are on the bands debut release in the UK. Now after seeing the band like they have the same style of U2 and Finnish band The Rasmus. Reamonn are definitely a band to check out.

The next artist on was Dexy. It was only one artist his music was listenable too but it is not the type of music that satisfies my taste. You can hear a country vibe in the songs. Well like I said it just wasn’t my thing. I would give him a second chance to see if I get into his music. Maybe my opinion was clouded by the fact that it was over running. Well Dexy is definitely someone to check out. He had some good songs just not for me though. For some reason he actually reminded me a little of James Blunt.

Jukebox the Ghost immediately captivated me from the very first song. The music that they performed is heavily pop music with a bit of rock added in. This was the first time they had been in the UK. They had been supporting Nightmare Of You on the tour of the UK. Well from the very first song Under My Skin I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and I wasn’t. I really enjoyed this set infact they remind me of HelloGoodbye.

Nightmare Of You played a twelve song set which consisted of tracks from the first album, the Bang EP and tracks from the forthcoming album Infomaniac. Well the opening track on the night was infact the first single My Name Is Trouble that was taken off the bands debut album. I really like this song. I would say Nightmare Of You is a mixture of Pop and Rock music. You could say its Indie. Well this song was a brilliant song to open the set with. It definitely is a crowd pleaser and has a good catchy melody. Up next is In The Bathroom Is Were I Want You. This song is a good song but it is not the best on the night. I like the song but there is nothing that makes it stand out compared to the other songs. The next song on the night is Bang which featured on the EP of the same name. this song is more heavy compared to the other songs. Brandon is on a electric guitar when playing the song. Following on is a new song called Experimental Bed which is then is proceeded with a song called Ragga. Well Experimental Bed it had a good vibe and I would like to hear the mastered track when it appears on the album in July. Now I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard has good lyrics and melody. It is mellowing well the chorus is. This is a really catchy song. Your Very Dear To Me is the next song and it is the last taken from the Bang EP. I really like this song. Yes it has no stand out points like the previous songs on the night. This song has a steady pace and is a soft song. Next on the night is Amsterdam. I definitely would like to hear the mastered version of this song on the new album. Following on is Thumbelina a song which is another crowd pleaser. I really like this song it is a mellowing song it is slower compared to some of the other songs on the night. There is a beat to the song. Heaven Runs Out Of Oil which is the last song on the album is the next song performed from the set. This is a good song but it is not as powerful as previous songs on the night. There are parts of the song which are really good such as the chorus “and say you do, say you love us like i know you will, and that our deaths won’t be in vain, or in the name of gasoline”. The next song is the penultimate song and the final new track taken from the new album. Gavi is a song I really like and look forward to hearing the final album version. For the last song which is The Days Go By Oh By Slow Jukebox The Box came onstage for this final song. There is a problem with the keyboard so Brandon sings some of Pulp’s Common People which is the only song that he knows. Someone shouted play Up The Junction. Well the keyboard started working just before when hope was going to be given up. This song is the first track from the debut album and it is a brilliant song to close on. This is a crowd pleaser it definitely gets the crowd going. Well the song has a really good melody. In my view the melody comes first lyrics come second. This song is really catchy. Well after the song has finished the band go off stage only to come on minutes later for a encore with Jukebox The Ghost.


My Name Is Trouble
In The Bathroom Is Where I Want You
Experimental Bed
I Want To Be Buried In Your Back Yard
You’re Very Dear To Me
Heaven Runs Out Of Oil
The Days Go By Oh So Slow


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  1. Carolyn says:

    I like the Water Rats I’ve been there a few times

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