Ella Edmondson @ The Borderline 29th April 2009

I arrived outside The Borderline around 17.30pm I had a copy of NME to keep me occupied. Well I had heard Ella’s music after visiting The Borderlines website and just checking out all the bands that were playing. The Borderline is a bar and a really intimate venue. When the doors did open I went in then downstairs. I went to the stage and stayed there till the gig started. I could of got a seat but there is nothing better than standing up.

The first band of the night was The Sleeping Years. They weren’t really a band they were a duo consisting of Dale Grundle as the vocals and guitar and Alex Beamont who was on the cello. There are another two members but they weren’t there on the day. I actually quite like the music the band sing. You can immediately tell it is folk music. It is easy to listen to and it is smooth. I would like to see what they are like with the full band. They performed a seven song set and there was not a single bad song. If the artist keeps me captivated and makes me want to hear the songs to the very end then I really like them and would like to hear more.


The Lockkeeper’s Cottage
You and Me Against The World
Setting Fire To Sleepy Towns
Nearly Got It Made
Clocks and Clones
Dressed For Rain

There was not long to wait for the second act as the changeovers were really short. The second artist was Terry Emm. Terry who comes from Leyton Buzzard sings folkish music. He was sitting on this stool in front of the microphone with just his guitar. To be honest I wasn’t that into it. Yes he had good songs but it didn’t captivate me which songs should do. Sometimes songs can be growers if they don’t grab your attention first time round and I would like to hear new material by Terry.

The headliner was Ella Edmondson. A artist I only started listening to after listening to acts that were going to play at The Borderline. Overall I was not disappointed with the set which included tracks from the album, two covers and a old track which featured on the Blame Amy EP. Well how can I describe Ella’s music well it is folk music with a blend of pop. The songs kept me captivated till the very end. Ella who was joined by her band started off with Go Without. Now I really like this song you can pick up on the folk vibe. It is a catchy song , I love the melody and there is a pace to the song. This was then followed by Capable which is infact the next track after Go Without on the album. Well Capable starts off as a soft song compared to the first track sung on the night. It is slightly slower and parts of the song are powerful. Ella has a great voice and there is something about her voice I like that makes each song incredible. Third song on the night is Run and Hide. Now this is a good song it has everything you could want from a song good lyrics and a good melody. This song has a mid tempo pace. The chorus is a infectious one it has a fast pace. Following on is Fold this is a slow paced song compared to the previous songs. Next it is Hidden Scars now I like this song. It is a powerful song you can feel the folk vibe in the song. The lyrics blend well with the melody. Well next is Hunger which Ella wants to be the single which is taken from the album. Ella says it is about seeing your ex with his new bitch. Well as for the song it is catchy you can definitely see a music video for this. BMFA is the next song on the night. The rest of the band go of stage and Ella begins to sing this Martha Wainwright cover. As I haven’t heard the original version I cant make comparisons. Well I really liked the cover version of this song I will definitely check out the original version. Before going into the next song Ella mentions about her dad who hade finished runner up in Hell’s Kitchen. Well the next song which is a cover of Broken Telephone which was originally a song by The Be Good Tanyas. Having not heard the original I cant make any comparisons. The original I would be intrigued to hear so I can see what slant Ella put on her version of this song. Up next is Moon Glow which is the oldest song on the album. From looking at the lyrics you can tell that it is a old song. Well I genuinely like this song it doesn’t have a chorus. It mainly consists of verses which all follow the same melody. Each verse is the same apart from the lyrics. Now Open Fire is a good song but it doesn’t grab my attention straight away. Parts of the song are really good and I reckon this song is a grower. Sing For You is the next song on the night. This is the second song on the album and I really like this song. It is steady paced and you can hear the folkiness in the song. The final song on the night is album title track Hold Your Horses. I would of expected this to be the set opener but I know why it was last. The song is a crowd pleaser and wants you wanting to hear more. I am surprised this song is not considered to be the first single from the album. Well Hold Your Horses it grabs your attention from the very first chord on the guitar. When the first verse starts it captivates you till the very end. The chorus is brilliant. Well when the song finishes the band go off the stage only for them to return and they hadn’t even left the stage. They came back for what would be a two song encore. The first being Breathe which is taken from the album. Now Breathe is a slow but a listenable song. I really enjoyed this song as I did with the whole set. The last song on the night was No Everyday which featured on the 5 track Blame Amy EP. There is definitely a beat to the song. I really like No Everyday shame that the EP is no longer going to be produced.


Go Without
Run and Hide
Hidden Scars
Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole
Broken Telephone
Moon Glow
Open Fire
Sing For You
Hold Your Horses
No Everyday

AFTERMATH – When the set had finished there was a rapture of applause. I then waited around a bit and purchased Ella’s debut CD and got a photo.

TRACKS TO LISTEN TO – Hold Your Horses, Run And Hide


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