Camden Crawl 2009 @ Various Place Around Camden 25th April 2009

I was up and out the house at 7.30 to make my way to Chalk Farm to collect my wristband. The box office didn’t open till 11am but I thought if I get there early and I can get my wristband and go elsewhere. Where that would have been I don’t know as all the daytime events kicked off at 12pm. So at 9.15 I am outside The Roundhouse knowing that I had 1 hour 45 minutes to kill. I had no Ipod whatsoever nothing to keep me amused for the wait that I had to endure. So I just have a look round outside take a few pictures and have a look about. I spot a bus parked down the road and it is the Myspace bus and what was taking place on that bus would be revealed later. Well about 20 minutes later people had started to arrive. There were two queue formed one for people who had tickets and the other being for people who wanted to purchase tickets. So at 11 the queue gets moving I go through the door and I get my festival programme and timetable. I get wrist banded up and then I am off for what would be the best ever 12 hours.

First Stop

After I had got my wristband it was off down Chalk Farm Road to see what was going on the Myspace bus. So when I approach it there is a chalk board with a list of musicians who will be on the Myspace bus. These events started from 11am and ended at 6pm. The likes of headliners Little Boots and Kasabian were going to be on the bus plus other bands that were playing during the day. So seeing that there was Tommy Sparks playing on the bus at 11am I thought I might as well. The Camden Crawl is all about seeing artists that you have never heard or listened to before. Well how can I describe the Myspace bus. It was very intimate. The bus could only fit in 23 people. The music took place downstairs and interviews took place upstairs for the media. Well back to the actual music well the Myspace bus was weird. It had two bus seats (The type of seats where you can fit about four people on). And where the artists were sitting which was at the front of the bus there were cushions. Well I was right at the front sitting on a drum kit container. It was really nice and really intimate. Tommy was wearing dark shades so I guess he may have had a really good time the night before as he also commented why he was playing so early in the morning. Well Tommy and his guitarist Sam played Much Too Much which was a warm up song. The drummer who was missing turned up. Tommy says to the drummer “Have you just woken up” to which he replies “No” and then there is laughter. Well the next song is These Things Happen which Tommy says is a love song. Tommy  then sings another two songs which are She’s Got Me Dancing which Tommy cant get the high notes and he adds a bit into the song about the fact it is 11 in the morning and playing and he ends with Miracle.


Much Too Much
These Things Happen
She’s Got Me Dancing

After the brilliantness of seeing Tommy live in this intimate setting it was then all of the bus and then queue up for the bus again. How good would it of been if the bus was open top and the artist or band plays on top when it is driving through Camden. It has happened before but the Myspace bus was not going anywhere for the rest of the day. Well in the queue I was waiting for Elviin. Now Elviin is a artist who I have seen a couple of times before most recently at Bush Hall supporting Gary Go. Well I like his music it may of taken a couple of listens to get into but it has grown on me. Well when it was time to get onboard the bus I was standing. You had the photographer and cameramen at the front. Well Elviin did three songs. The first I cannot remember off the top of my head. The second was Worth Getting Arrested For and the third was In Colour. Well it was great seeing Elviin again and Worth Getting Arrested For is a really good song.

The Wait

After getting off the bus I then started queuing for Little Boots at 13.00pm. Now I did not want to miss this even though I wanted to see her at The Roundhouse at 6pm. So I had to wait at the side because people were queuing for the next act The King Blues. Well they all got on the bus about 23 people fitted on and I was just standing there looking forward to seeing Little Boots playing in this intimate setting. Well The King Blues ended at 12.59pm. Well Little Boots was running late so the wait was on. It was freezing cold I was hungry but my adrenaline of who I wanted to see was getting me through the hunger. Well Victoria turned up about 40 minutes late. Then it was all aboard the bus. I was sitting in the corner I had a side view of Victoria. It was really nice. She had a piece of equipment that played the music. It looked like that electronic game Lights Out. Well she only sang two songs. The first being a New Order cover and the second being Stuck On Repeat. It may of only been two songs but the fact it is a intimate setting eclipses that. Well after I had a chat with Victoria and some kind women who I was speaking to in the queue took a picture for me. I said to Victoria that I had pre ordered the new single and I think mine will be a signed set. Well meeting Victoria has to of been the highlight at that point of the day.

The Queue That Snaked Round The Courtyard

I left the bus on a high after seeing Victoria Hesketh and meeting her. I then made my way from Chalk Farm to Camden Town. I got the tube to Camden Town and headed straight to the MTV Courtyard in hope to get a wristband to see Little Boots and The Maccabees at The Roundhouse. When I got there I saw a queue formed. The queue snaked around the MTV Courtyard. I went to the back of the queue which was on the bridge with the lock below. I then made the decision to leave the queue and go to the Lock to get some lunch. I get some Sweet and Sour Chicken with Noodles from the Lock. After when I have eaten I then make my way to my second stop.

Second Stop: The Jazz Café

After the lunch from Camden Lock I make my way back down to Camden Town Station. When I get there I then go up Parkway and I finally find The Jazz Café. It did take me a couple of minutes to find it and when I did I couldn’t believe how obvious it was to find. Perhaps I was expecting a smaller café. Well I entered the Jazz Café showing my wrist band to the security man on the door. Well what was going on at the café was poetry. I said to Laura Dockrill that I will see her on the crawl. So I got there Laura was speaking to the photographer Claire. After we had a brief chat and then we all move forward to see the first poet Joe Stretch who was reading from his book. He advised everyone to sit down as it would be about 7 minutes long. Well the poem was a bit X Rated. After Joe it was Laura Dockrill aka Dockers MC. She took a copy of her book to the stage. Laura sat down and went into her first poem which I think was called Heart Poem. Following on is the Roald Dahl poem Pig that I really liked when Laura first read it back at Puregroove at the start of April. Well the poem it made me chuckle. I most definitely will check out more of his poems. The next poem is Heaven Knows which is a good poem. What makes Laura’s poems good is she really gets into the poem as Laura gets into character. The final poem is Cowboy (well it is a song about a cowboy). There are a couple of stutters but overall this poem is flawless. Laura performs it in its entirety. So after Laura is of the stage we hug and say goodbye. Laura was off to catch her friends band so we leave the Jazz Café in two different directions and we would cross paths again later in the day.

The Unexpected Performance

Well my third stop was not really unexpected but I saw a act that I wasn’t planning on seeing. Well I left Laura making my way to see VV Brown at The Constitution at 16.30pm. So I make my way to the pub and when I get there I noticed that there was a queue outside. So I join the small queue and when 16.30pm came everyone started making their way in. Well the band was not VV Brown but it was The King Blues. Now The King Blues were on my list of acts to see prior to the crawl but on the day I didn’t plan on catching them. It was packed inside The Constitution. The band sung a hatful of songs which included Music Man, The Streets Are Ours, forthcoming single I Got Love and the infectious single Save The World Get The Girl. I really liked the set it oozed energy. The last song Save The World Get The Girl was a good song to end on. After The King Blues I waited around expecting VV Brown next. I noticed something was going on down in the cellar of and the artist in the cellar was VV Brown.

Hotfooting It Back To The Bus

After missing VV Brown at The Constitution it was up to me to make it down to Chalk Farm to catch VV Brown on the Myspace bus at 17.30pm. So it was back on the tube travelling back to Chalk Farm to catch what will be my final visit to the Myspace bus.  VV then turned up and boarded the bus to get set up. Well last everyone boarded the bus I was standing and I did take some photos and shot a video on my camera. With the cameramen and photographer being in front you did get the occasional piece of equipment appearing in shot. Well VV opened up with Crying Blood. There was talking on the bus which was ashame because hearing artists in settings like this is something that does not come along often. The second song was Bottles then followed by Shark In The Water which will be the next single. Before I left I spoke to VV saying I look forward to the album and that I enjoyed the songs.

Fight Like Apes vs. The XX

I was debating the first band that I was going to see in the evening. My choices were Fight Like Apes at Dublin Castle or The XX at The Black Cap. Both of those bands I would of liked to have seen but I could only pick one. Well my first stop in the evening was at The Black Cap which is near Camden Town tube station. Well I was there at 18.20pm ready for doors to opened at 18.30pm. I was the first one in the queue. So I just waited for 10 minutes then everyone was allowed in the venue. I made my way to the very front and sat on the corner of the stage till it was 19.00pm. Well the band I was checking out was a band called The XX who impressed me when looking at the Myspace page prior to the crawl. I really enjoyed the songs and I will purchase Crystalised on vinyl. Well the set finished at 19.30pm and then I made my way to my second stop.

Going Back To Chalk Farm

After I left The Black Cap it was off to Chalk Farm to go to The Monarch. The Monarch is located a little further on from the Camden Barfly. Well I arrived there I saw a little queue outside The Monarch. So I joined the queue which then started moving. I saw Suggs who was outside having a cigarette I also spotted a piece of paper what looked like a wristband so I picked it up. To my surprise it was a wrist band to the after show a t Lock 17 from 23.30pm. Well I eventually get in as they have a policy with whoever comes out the same amount of people could go in. So I got in the venue went through the door to the bar and I managed to get a standing spot right in front of the stage. Well the band that I was seeing was Peggy Sue. I can’t get enough of them I have already seen them twice this and I am gutted that I cant see them at The Borderline due to the fact I am going to another gig that day. Well Rosa says Hi to me and Olly puts his hand up to say Hi when he is sitting at his drums. Well the first song was Once We Were Strangers. Now I love this song it is one of my live favourites. It is definitely a crowd pleaser. Second song on the night was a familiar song but the name does not spring to mind. It was then followed by Lazarus. This song was the bands last single to be released on single. The song has good lyrics and a melody. Fourth song on the night was All In My Grill. They finally found the shaker. Well this cover is amazing. It definitely gets you going and the is a beat to it. Following on is a new song called February Snow. Katy says that it is a exclusive and it was more of a exclusive on the Friday. Well I had heard the song on the Wednesday. It is a good song Rosa plays it on the ukulele. Next it is Matilda a song I have on CD but I have only heard live once before. Well the final song on the night was The Sea, The Sea which is featured on The First Aid EP. After the set had finished a few people came up to Katy as she announced that they had some CDS for sale for anyone that was interested. Well I purchase one and I get it signed Katy wrote “To Sam, To add to your collection” Rosa wrote “Thank you for being so loyal”. Well after the set had finished I left hoping to see Laura Dockrill but she had already gone. We were waving to each other at different sides of the stage.


Once We Were Strangers
All In My Grill
February Snow
The Sea, The Sea


The Last Stop

After seeing Peggy Sue I was faced with the decision whether to see The Joy Formidable at the Electric Ballroom as their performance started at 20.45pm. Yes I may be a little late but I will catch some of it. Well I wrestled with my conscience and chose to give it a miss. So I walked up to The Enterprise whilst getting something from Subway along the way. The reason I made the decision to miss The Joy Formidable being that I am seeing them in June and I do not want to miss Marina And The Diamonds. So I got to The Enterprise pretty early eager to see the band that I had been longing to see. At 22.00 the queue started to move and people made their way up the stairs. I managed to get a spot at the front Marina’s microphone was right in front of me. Well the set began at 22.30. Marina started off with Girls and Seventeen. She can really give a performance Marina is amazing. She mentions to the packed audience that she may sound like a man because her voice is going. I saw that on her twitter when she said please voice don’t break. Well the third song on the night was the infectious I Am Not A Robot. This song parts of it stayed in my mind for days well its still there. Well Marina can really give a good performance even though she had trouble hitting the high notes. Each one of her songs oozed energy. The fourth song being a Gwen Stefani cover the song was What You Waiting For. She had only recently covered it for Dermot O Leary. Well this song is brilliant like I said the energy flowed from this performance. Even though Marina’s voice was going she put on a brilliant gig. After Marina sang another new song called Champagne then after she took to the Keyboard to sing her only single which is Obsessions. This song is brilliant it mentions about her obsession which is cigarettes and that everyone has a obsession. Mowgli’s Road is the final song on the night Marina gets off the keyboard and takes to the microphone. It is definitely a song that grows on you and it sounds much more better when live. Well overall this set wetted my appetite for The Crown Jewels EP. Well after the song I grab the setlist and then I make my way home.


I Am Not A Robot
What You Waiting For
Mowgli’s Road

AFTERMATH – Overall this festival was a experience one that I will never forget and one that I would like to do again. My highlights have to be seeing Little Boots, Marina and the Diamonds, Laura Dockrill and Peggy Sue


11.00am Tommy Sparks                                    Myspace Bus
12.00pm Elviin                                                      Myspace Bus
13.40pm Little Boots                                          Myspace Bus
15.00pm Laura Dockrill                                     Jazz Café
16.30pm The King Blues                                     The Constitution
17.30pm VV Brown                                             Myspace Bus
19.00pm The XX                                                    The Black Cap
20.10pm Peggy Sue                                              The Monarch
22.30pm Marina And The Diamonds            The Enterprise


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  1. Lisa Meighan says:

    Wowza! l want to go on that bus!! Sounds AMAZlNG!!! Lisa xxx

  2. anikainlondon says:

    cor you saw way more than me!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Awesome sam! So impressed you managed to get on the MySpace bus so often … looks like you had a great day …. love the photos! 🙂

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