Lucky Soul @ Camden Barfly 21st April 2009

This was the second time I had been to the barfly. I arrive around 5.30 and I am waiting for 2 hours 30 minutes till the doors open. Well I see Amy we hug and we chat a little. Amy was leaving to get some food. Well when doors do open I then get my hand stamped and go upstairs to the venue. Well upstairs is small I would say it could have a capacity of 100 people.

The first artist on the night was Nick Evans. His music had a Indie Acoustic vibe. He had some really good songs but it is just not the music I would be into. His songs are listenable to. Like I always have said don’t judge someone after seeing them once so I will listen to more music well I have joined up to the mailing list. Well there were 7 tracks sung on the night starting with All Weather Girl then ending with Man At The Roller Skate Rink. Well Man At The Roller Skate Rink the artist that springs to mind is Nizlopi.


All Weather Girl
Breathe In
Face Like Mine
Hold Anyone
Gentle Fears
Man At Roller Skate Rink

Next up was Theoretical Girl backed by 2/3 of The Equations. Harry the drummer was missing because he had other commitments as he was playing with his dads band. Well the two members of The Equations were Kelly and Max. Now I love Theoretical Girls music every song is brilliant. Well this was exactly the same set as I have seen when Amy had played with The Equations but had a few changes in order of the songs and the fact they had no drummer. All the songs are about unrequited love as you can tell from the lyrics in the song. First up was I Should Of Loved You More. Now this song is a easy listening song it has a really good melody. Next up is The Biggest Mistake which Amy plays on the keyboard. After she goes back to the guitar and plays The Boy I Left Behind. Continuing on with the playing of the guitar the next song is Divided. Amy does not say it’s a cheesy song as she always says. But she dedicated the song to me!!!!. Maybe that was the reason that she didn’t call it cheesy because I always say its not apart from one line. Well the next songs are darker or as Amy said “Evil”. The first being Dancehall Deceit. Usually Amy multitasks on the keyboard but not this time. She starts the backing track and continues playing the guitar. The backing track starts and Amy says watch out for the spaceships. The Hypocrite is the next song on the night. Well this is a dark song and it is more heavy compared to the gentle mellowing songs she previously sung. Following on is Red Mist in which Amy mentions that they had been working on a dance routine and then they end the set with Rivals. With Rivals Amy plugs away the vinyl.


I Should Of Loved You More
The Biggest Mistake
The Boy I Left Behind
Dancehall Deceit
The Hypocrite
Red Mist

The headline act was Lucky Soul. I heard a couple of their songs prior to the night and I really liked them. I was extremely close to just leaving before the set to make my way home as I had work the next day. But I am extremely glad that I stayed and enjoyed this set of both new and old songs. The band has a female singer Ali Howard. I find that with female singers solo or the main singer in a band. Well I find the songs gentle. Well from the band name I thought the music would just be soul music. How wrong was I it has a dash of pop added to each song. The first song on the night is Up In Flames which is a new song. Next its Ain’t Never Been Cool taken from the first album. This is a fast song it has a really good melody to it. It is also a strong song. Another new song follows and this song is called WRD. My Brittle Heart was the bands first single and was the next song played on the night. This song is a slow song which has a good melody and good lyrics. Parts of this song can be catchy. This is a song that is easy to listen to. The next four songs are That’s When The Trouble Begins, Upon Hilly Fields, Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Shame and Our Heart. All of these songs are new songs and ones that I liked and would like to hear the mastered versions too. Next it is a old song called The Great Unwanted which is taken off the first album and is the title track. This is a slow beautiful song. Ali has such a amazing voice. Following on is Baby I’m Broke which gets a cheer from the crowd. This is a song to listen to. Well this song is slow. I really like it. Woah Billy! Is the next song sung on the night it is also the new forthcoming single. This song is really good I really enjoy it. Its got a beat to it. This song is drum heavy compared to the previous songs. Next up is Add Your Light To Mine, Baby. Well its a good song with some good lyrics. It has a beat to it and will get your foot tapping. Lips Are Unhappy was the bands second single. Well Lips Are Unhappy is a good song as all the songs on the album are. Well I really like the lyrics melody and the use of the tambourine. The final song on the night is Could Be I Don’t Belong. When Ali finishes singing she blows kisses to the crowd then leaves and the rest of the band are still playing. The band then go off only to return for the encore. The encore on the night Lucky Soul did two songs which were It’s Yours and Get Outta Town! It’s Yours is a slow ballad. I really like the melody to this song and the lyrics. The final song from the encore was Get Outta Town! I really like Get Outta Town. I remember hearing it on Myspace. It sounds very much like a VV Brown song. Some parts of this song I found catchy and I really like the melody. This song was definitely a crowd pleaser. Afterwards the band went off stage to a rapture of applause.


Up In Flames
Ain’t Never Been Cool
My Brittle Heart
That’s When The Trouble Begins
Upon Hilly Fields
Ain’t Nothin’ Like A Shame
Our Heart
Great Unwanted
Baby I’m Broke
Woah Billy!
Add Your Light To Mine, Baby
Lips Are Unhappy
Could Be I Don’t Belong


It’s Yours
Get Outta Town!

AFTERMATH – I really enjoyed this gig. It was brilliant to see Theoretical Girl again and I was taken aback by how amazing Lucky Soul are. Lucky Soul have some brilliant songs and I for one cant wait for the album. Well after the set finished everyone starts leaving I go and buy the first album LP from the Merchandise stool then leave the venue to make my way home.


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