Slow Club @ The Enterprise 20th April 2009

I got to The Enterprise at 6pm and sat down waiting for the doors to open. It was quire good it just took a hour and a few minutes to get to Chalk Farm. Well doors which were supposed to open at 8pm opened up 10 minutes late. So at 8.10 people started going up the stairs to the room where the gig was taking place. On the door was the stage times. There was only one act supporting Slow Club and that was Jay Jay Pistolet who I have seen many times. The first time I actually saw him was at The Enterprise last August supporting Peggy Sue which was infact the first time I had been to that venue. Well Jay Jay would be on at 8.30 then Slow Club on a hour later.

Justin then came on about 8.40 wearing glasses (they were a bit like Harry Potter glasses but were round) and he started his set with Always On My Way Back Home. After seeing Justin quite a few times I really like his music. It is easy to listen to and the songs are really catchy. Well Always On My Way Back Home Justin plays it with his guitar. He mentioned that he hadn’t played his guitar for a while but each of his songs were brilliant. Well back to the song I like it. I like the fact that the microphone makes the songs echo. Well the other songs he sang were Happy Birthday You. This song is a more up tempo song. It has really good lyrics and like all of his songs they have grown on me and I want to hear them again. He ended the set with Hooked Up On Us. I really like the fact that the song sounds echoey. Well this song is slower compared to Happy Birthday You. This song has a good easy listening melody. You could say all of Justin’s songs are mellowing. He also sung two other songs which weren’t taken off his EP they were good songs I have heard them before as I recognised them but I cant recall the names of the songs.

Around 9.40 Slow Club took too the stage. The first song was Because We We’re Dead. This song is amazing it is upbeat, fast tempo and it is extremely catchy. It was a ideal song to start of their set at The Enterprise. Rebecca has such a beautiful voice. All the songs are fun songs well the way Slow Club sing them makes them fun. I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream starts off as a slow song which is acoustic guitar driven. Slow Club make each of their songs brilliant even if it is slow or not. It has some very good lyrics. Third song on the night is Giving Up On Love. This song is a brand new song which is taken from the new album. This song is a good song very good melody. Wild Blue Milk is next up this is the B Side to the next single. Charles said this is the first time they have played it and there could be mistakes made during it but there is not a single mistake. Well the song has song good lyrics that go extremely well with the melody. This song has a slow pace. Next up is the fast paced and infectious It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful. This is the next song to be released as single on 22nd June. I really like this song as I mentioned like with all the songs this is a fun crowd pleaser. It has a beat to it and I love the lyrics, melody and the song is so infectious it will be in your mind for days. Now from here on is when it gets a bit hazy in trying to remember the songs played on the night. I think I have got it right. Well Trophy Room which Charles said could be a possible single back at the busk at the start of April. Well this is a fast song the song is sung by both of them but the majority being Charles. Rebecca really gives it her all and makes it a outstanding performance. When I Go is the next song. This song is beautiful it tells the story of two friends who have feelings for one another and they are saying like “if I get to 40 and don’t have a spouse”. Like I said this song is beautiful and it is gentle. There Is No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You is the next song on the night. This song I have only heard a couple of times and I am looking forward to hearing the song on the album. Rebecca went solo for the following song which was called Too Much Crunkin’. Before Rebecca started playing she mentions about the fact Eastenders is so good and she was going to miss it this week and cant wait to see the Omnibus on Sunday. Rebecca advises all of us to tape it. Well back to the song. Rebecca is on the guitar and thus song is simply mesmerizing. Rebecca has a lovely voice. Christmas TV is next. Charles and Rebecca come to the edge of the stage and sing without the use of microphones. Well Rebecca has trouble getting started on the guitar. She sings out the keys. Everyone laughed and the laughter continued throughout the song. Charles said before instead of singing Brutal they will replace it with Rudolph. Well Rebecca keeps forgetting about this change. Well after this song finished Charles and Rebecca go offstage to a rapture of applause. They then return to the stage and Rebecca says what shall we play next. Someone shouts out Sunday and I then shout out Me and You. Well the encore was Me and You. Well Rebecca struggles to start off this song but when she gets started the song picks up this pace. Well when the song approaches the end Rebecca forgets the words. Well after when the song ends Slow Club go off to a rapture of applause.


Because We’re Dead
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Giving Up On Love
Wild Blue Milk
It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
Trophy Room
When I Go
There Is No Good Way To Say I’m Leaving You
Too Much Crunkin’
Christmas TV


Me and You

AFTERMATH – Well I really enjoyed this gig. Jay Jay Pistolet and Slow Club were a good mix. Well if a gig has support acts I like as well as  the main act it is a good gig and enjoyable. Well Slow Club have the fun factor as well as providing some good, catchy folk/ pop songs. Well after I spoke to Rebecca it still seems so surreal when someone you like remembers you. Rebecca said Hi Sam. Well I got the answer to why Me and You isn’t on the album and this is due to the fact that they have grown tired of it.


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