Record Store Day @ Rough Trade East 18th April 2009

Record Store 2009 was a event I decided to go to after reading the list of music acts at that certain record store. Also there were exclusive vinyls available on that day. Well I called this a mini Camden Crawl. Well first stop was at Rough Trade East to catch two acts Betty and the Werewolves and My Sad Captains. So I arrived at Rough Trade East purchased Graham Coxon – In The Morning and Franz Ferdinand – Blood. I also pick up a freebie bag which contained a T Shirt which is infact to small for me and I buy vinyls by Betty and the Werewolves and My Sad Captains. I also meet Anika who I have met quite a few times at instores.

Well Betty and the Werewolves were on at 11am. This was a group I was looking forward to seeing after having heard the songs on the official Myspace page. Well the set was a long set. The songs I would love to hear again. Songs played included The Party, Tu Veux Jouer, Francis, Wind Up, Euston Station, David Cassidy (there were a few other songs played but I don’t know their names). I really liked their music its rock indie type of music. So afterwards I met Laura and Helen from the band got a photo and my vinyls signed. This is a band I would like to see again and hear the album.

My Sad Captains were next on at 12pm. Songs from there set were Great Expectations, A Change Of Scenery, Troika and there were other songs I don’t recall the name of. Well the band had a couple of people on guitar and someone on keyboards. Their songs are in the indie pop genre. The songs are gentle and they are easy to listen to. They all have good lyrics and melodys.

Well after the set I said goodbye to Anika who was going to make her way to Rough Trade West to catch Alessi at 4pm. As for me it was off to Brill. A record shop which is in Clerkenwell and I had great difficulty finding it last year.


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