Record Store Day @ Brill 18th April 2009

Well when I got to Farringdon I made my way up to Clerkenwell and I don’t turn and go up the wrong road this time. Well when I get there hardly anybody is there and it is around 1.40. Well I speak to Jo who plays the Cello for Emily (Emily works at Brill) and then at 2 Emily and Jo then do their set of 4 songs.

Well the Emily Barker set was extremely surreal due to there only being a few people in the shop (Well it wasn’t packed) and there was a amazing artist playing a 4 track set. Well Emily’s songs I would like to hear again her first song I think was Despite The Snow which was then followed by Disappear.  Jo said don’t literally disappear. Well I really liked Emily’s songs they are folk songs and you can hear a tinge of country in each of them. The third song was Blackbird. The final song was Nostalgia. Emily plays both the harmonica and the guitar. I like the sound of each of Emily’s songs I only started getting into folk music last year and now I love it.

Next up is Joel Barker. The sun was shining so he performed outside. Well Joel sang three songs whilst sitting on a table playing his guitar. The first song I cannot remember the name. The second was called Alberta and the third was Road To Redemption which had Jo playing on Cello. Now I really liked Joel’s songs and I would be interested in hearing more material by him.

Pete Roe is a brilliant folk artist who I have seen two times prior when he has supported Peggy Sue and Laura Marling. I loved all his songs so after his three tracks I purchased his Animals EP. The only song that I can remember is The Devil’s Dancefloor. Parts of that song are really catchy. Also Jo joins him on Cello. The other two songs weren’t on the album.

The fourth act was Pepe Belmonte. I would say his music was in the soul/ blues genre. I actually quite liked his set. His last song I don’t know the name of it but Pepe sang it as a Irishman.

The final two acts were Ian Hale who was joined by Jo and then there was a duo called Madam. I really liked Ian’s songs and I would really like to hear them again. As for Madam I really liked their music. I would like to hear more from then and I am considering getting their album on vinyl. Madam then finished their set only to do a extra two songs. By this time it was getting a bit nippy outside.

AFTERMATH –  After when Madam had finished I had a look round on the racks at Brill. I then said goodbye to Jo then Emily and I said I shall catch them again at The Luminaire on 1st May.


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