Artists To Look Out For #2: Theoretical Girl

Amy Turnnidge aka Theoretical Girl is a solo artist who I have the pleasure of seeing live 4 times in 2009. She has to be one of my favourite solo artists of 2009. I have heard two different versions of her music. Twice I have seen her with a strings section where her tracks are more mellow and easy to listen to. The other two occasions she has had a backing band who are The Equations. The music is still the same but has a rocky vibe to it. It is good hearing two different slants on each of the songs performed and I actually don’t know which version I prefer.


 Hailing from Southend Amy has already released 4 singles with a 5th imminent. Her first release was It’s All Too Much which was her first release on Fake Product. This song which was released in 2006 has the same music style as Red Mist. It features a electric guitar and drums. The 2nd single was released in 2007 under a new record label Half Machine Records. Red Mist is a rock song which you can tell when you first listen to it and if you ever hear the song live with Amy and Kelly doing their rock star poses. 2008 saw another 2 releases under a new record label “Saliva”. The Hypocrite is a gentle song in the terms of the music but the subject is darker as you can tell from the title of the song “The Hypocrite”. The other single released by Amy on Saliva was Another Fight which again is a gentle, light song with catchy lyrics. Amy then went to release a split 7” record on Puregroove Records with a cover version of Tokyo Police Club’s track Nursery Academy. 2009 sees the release of a new single Rivals on May 25th and the release of the debut album on a new record label Memphis Industries. Each of Amy’s songs follow the same pop fomula and follow the same subject which is unrequited love.

The first time I saw Amy live was as a support act for Nerina Pallot in February. After that night I was really impressed with the quality of her songs. They were songs that I found easy to listen to, they were gentle and mellowing. So I then checked her Myspace page for other gig dates and then attended that gig. The next time I saw her was at Buffalo Bar in Islington and she was backed by The Equations. I enjoyed the rock vibe from what was a pre SXSW gig. The next week the band then left for Austin, Texas and had a successful time over there gigging. I then saw her again at The Victoria in Mile End backed by The Equations again. I really like the rock vibe. The latest date I saw her at was at a busk which was amazing.

You Can Catch Amy Live with The Equations on:

21st April @ Camden Barfly

29th May @ Puregroove Records, Farringdon

If you want to hear music by Theoretical Girl go to:


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Great review Sam!

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