Artists I Like #1: Laura Dockrill aka Dockers MC

Laura Dockrill who also goes by her stage name Dockers MC was born in Brixton in 1986. She then went to the Brit School and studied theatre and then Middlesex University to study Creative Writing. She is a amazing Spoken Word artist as well as a brilliant illustrator. Laura also went on to do the artwork for Kate Nash’s singles as well as Kate’s official Merchandise. Laura’s illustrations are on the same level of Quentin Blake’s illustrations. Laura then went onto releasing a book Hold To My Ear on Puregroove Records which was limited to only 100 copies. Mistakes In The Background which was released through HarperCollins featured her illustrations as well as her well known poems. Laura’s illustrations are brilliant and each poem injects a bit of humour into it. Her 2nd book Ugly Shy Girl which is released on HarperCollins comes out in June and it will feature new poems as well as more illustrations.

Well I first saw Laura introduced by Kate Nash at Kate’s gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 13th November 2007. Laura was not on the bill on the night and came onto the stage and did a couple of poems. Since then I checked her out December 2007 at a Peggy Sue and the Pirates gig at the Camden Barfly. On that night Laura performed a new poem called Square. Later on I met Laura in the bar and that was when my love for Spoken Word started.

The next time I saw Laura was on 23rd June 2008 for the launch of her limited edition book Hold To My Ear which was released though Puregroove. That day I arrived ridiculously early as the book was only limited to 100 copies. Well the book which included a few poems and a CD which was placed in a box which was nicely wrapped up. Well that night Laura was joined by other really good poets who where Claudia Grant, John Osbourne, Luke Wright and Yanny Mac also Kate Nash did a really good poem.

The next time I saw Laura was October 2008 as Laura was doing promotion for her brilliant book Mistakes In The Background which was released on Harpercollins. I came into London to lend my support as I had got the book and it was amazing. The well known poems like Heaven Knows, Square, Rolf Harris, Rude Girl as well as new ones and old ones like the poem where Yes meets No. As well as being a brilliant poet she does amazing illustrations. Well back to the promotion for the book. Well I went to each date she was in London and I saw different poets like Kate Nash, MC Angel and the one at Waterstones featured MC Angel, Nathan Filer who in the end couldn’t be there and it was a Open Mic night so other people had poems prepared.

I really like each one of Laura’s poems and when hearing them live she can get into character easily. And each time she performs one of her poems is simply breathtaking. She is definitely a poet to check out.

Her official Myspace is at which features poems featured from her first book Mistakes In The Background.



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  1. Kieran says:

    Good work mate, I should check her poems out…I’m looking on Amazon now.

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