Wildbirds & Peacedrums @ Puregroove 7th April 2009


I left my place at 11.15 and made my way to the station. I arrived at 11.40 and the next train was to Victoria and that arrived at 11.52. Well I got on that train and I was at Victoria by 12.20. I then got the Victoria line to Kings Cross then Hammersmith and City line to Farringdon. I was at the store by 12.30 and there were already a few people sitting around. Well before leaving my place I had been doing some research on the band and listening to the music which is on the Myspace page.

Well I met Anika someone who I had seen around before and she runs a really cool blog. Anika was the one that got me listening to Wild birds & Peacedrums. The amount of times they were mentioned on her blog made me check them out straight away. Well by the end of the instore I was not disappointed with what I had heard.

Well the band took to the stage I was sitting down at a table at the front in the centre so I had the perfect view and had the chance of taking some good photos. Well they took to the stage Mariam was sound checking her microphone. Well Mariam then introduced herself and Andreas and that they had a gig in London tonight which would be a longer set. The songs which were sung in the afternoon are off the new album The Snake which is released next week. They sang 5 songs the first three were off the new album these were Chain Of Steel and Places followed straight away. As I had never heard the songs before it just sounded like one long epic song. Well the 3rd song was So Soft So Pink. These are songs I definitely want to hear again and hearing them live was amazing they really give it their all and put on a brilliant performance. The next song Doubt/ Hope was one that I heard to prior to this instore. This was from their first album Heartcore. Mariam says that they had an album once and this song was from it. Doubt/ Hope is a good song probably one of the strongest from their debut album. Like all the songs this is a pop song. Well the final song was My Heart which is off the new album. I had listened to this song in the morning and I knew the moment that they started playing this was going to be a 7 minute epic. My Heart definitely has a beat to it, well it certainly got me tapping my foot. Maybe it is the steel drum that Mariam was playing who knows.

OVERALL – I really liked this instore. My 2nd ever lunchtime instore and since Puregroove changed the layout of the store the actual instores feel different. You can sit down to watch the artist. Well as for Wildbirds and Peacedrums I thought they were brilliant. It definitely left me wanting to hear more music from them and seeing them live when they are next in London. They had some good songs and I cant wait to hear the album. The band they really put on a show if this was only a instore I wonder what a headline gig would be like. Well I am definitely going to get the new album and pick up Heartcore as well (I was actually going to buy in HMV but decided to wait in the end). After the instore had finished I then made my way home on a high after seeing a band I thought were excellent.


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  1. anikainlondon says:

    Awwh, I’m really glad you enjoyed them Sam! I can’t wait for them to come back.

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