Bandstand Busking w/ Slow Club + Theoretical Girl @ Northampton Square, Islington 5th April 2009

This was the first ever Bandstand Busk I had been too and what a Busk it was. I originally heard about the busk last week after seeing it listed on Amy’s (Theoretical Girls) Myspace page. Having heard her music by herself and backed by The Equations I was intrigued to hear what a busking session would be like. Later on in the week I got a email saying that before Theoretical Girl was Slow Club. I told Amy that this would be a perfect Sunday afternoon (and it didn’t rain as last week Amy said bring a Umbrella just in case).

Well I left my place at 10.59 went all the way to Victoria then I got the Victoria line to Kings Cross then south bounded it to Angel. At 11.58 I was in Islington. I had a look round the shops and then I made my way down to Northampton Square. I was surprised how long it took to get down there. It took about 5 minutes. When I got there I immediately noticed a hut which the busks will take place in. Rebecca was there then Charles came later. It was 12.30 not many people were there. People started to arrive nearer the time. Slow Club sound checked one song which was Because We’re Dead. Rebecca’s drum was covered by a “rug”. This was to soften the noise. Well this was not a rug covering the drum it was infact Rebecca’s coat.

Well after having seen Slow Club 6 times last year I knew what to expect. These were good folk pop songs and a busk which was full of energy. I was not wrong the busk but Slow Clubs was brilliant. First they sang Because We’re Dead which is a amazing song. It was the first single that they released on Moshi Moshi Records. This song is a infectious folk/ pop song. Rebecca has such a beautiful voice. This song has good verses and a good chorus. This performance is full of energy it is a powerful performance. This song was the song that made me fall in love with Slow Club. When I Go is the next song. This song has a beautiful melody plus the fact Charles and Rebecca’s voices blend well together. I am looking forward to hearing a studio version of this song and you can clearly picture the story from the lyrics being sung. This song is about a boy and girl who set goals by singing “If we’re both not married by twenty-five, I hope that there’s some childish spark still alive”. The song continues like that throughout and these people you can tell clearly love one another. The next single is It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful was the next song to be sung. As with all the songs this is amazing. Slow Club are so easy to listen to and Rebecca has such a beautiful voice. This song is going to be a brilliant song it has brilliant lyrics and it is a powerful song. Towards the end the tempo starts to increase. Well this song is minus drums compared to what the version sounds like when they are doing a gig. Christmas TV was the next song. Christmas TV was the last song released by Slow Club but as a download only single. I begin to think why sing the Christmas single at the very start of Spring. Both Rebecca and Charles are on guitar. This song has a beautiful chorus, a great melody, brilliant verses and the melody of the song is catchy. Towards the end of the song the song is more powerful because they are giving it their all. Well after they finish their 4 songs there is a rapture of applause and they then do one more song. Rebecca asks for any requests one person shouts out Me and You another shouts out Trophy Room and I was tempted to say Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling. Well they opt for Trophy Room and say that this could be a possible single. Well for this song Rebecca takes her coat off the drum and this song is the only song which is not recorded. Well Trophy Room is a extremely powerful song a good song to end on. I really like this song. Rebecca has a beautiful voice. Rebecca has a mellowing voice that is so easy to listen to and it blends so well with Charles’s to create brilliant catchy songs. This song will make a good single. Slow Club put all their energy into this song like with most of the songs. I cant wait to hear the studio version of this song and the rest of the album.

After a break of 10 minutes it was back to the hut to see Theoretical Girl this time she was joined by Jo on Cello and there was a violinist. This was the 4th time I had seen Theoretical Girl live and Amy does not disappoint. This time as it was a busk the songs were all acoustic. The first song being I Should Of Love You More. Amy has a amazing voice and her songs are brilliant. All the songs follow the same suit which is unrequited love so from the title of the song you can get the jist of what the song is saying. Well after Amy has finished the first song she gets a bottle of Magners Cider and has a swig of it and she says she doesn’t want to drink that much just in case if she burps. Well the next song was Divided. Amy says it is a cheesy song but I really like the song. It is a mellowing pop song. Yes I know it is about love but it is so easy to listen to. With the fact that Amy is on guitar it makes the song softer. Up next is The Boy I Left Behind. Before she starts Amy says “lets get the last two songs finished before it rains”. Amy’s songs are so easy to listen to. This was the 4th time I had seen her she doesn’t disappoint and you cant tire of the songs. The fact she is on guitar and she is joined by two friends on Cello and Violin takes the songs into a different direction. They are softer and gentle. The Boy I Left Behind fits this and it has great lyrics. The final song of the day being The Biggest Mistake. Amy mentions that she normally plays the song on piano but there was no electric. Amy mentions she purchased a mini piano but the batteries did not work so Amy played the song on the guitar. This was a bold move because the song could of taken a whole new meaning. But Amy pulled it off and that ended a perfect Sunday and a brilliant busking session.


Seeing two bands I really like made this the perfect Sunday afternoon. Well after Slow Clubs set I had a word with Charles and Rebecca mentioned about the fact I am seeing them at the Enterprise, Scala and I may get a ticket for the single launch at the ICA. I have a chat with Charles about the album and SXSW. Well after Amy’s set I speak to her and I get a picture with her. The sun stayed out and it was the perfect Sunday.


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