Artists To Look Out For #1: Maria Willson + Agent P Review

Maria released two singles in 2003 and 2004. These singles were debut release Chooza Looza which peaked at #29 in the Official UK Singles Chart and Mr Alibi which reached only #38. Maria supported Busted on a nationwide tour round the UK. Plans to release debut album Alibi were shelved because of the problems with record label Telstar. The label went into administration and the artist that were signed to that label were left with no label. This could be down to the fact of Telstar’s acquisition of Spice Girl Victoria Beckham who went on to launch a solo career.

Even though Maria was left without a label she still continued with writing music and touring. I was lucky enough to catch her live last year as I had been a fan of her music way back in 2003. At the gig that I went to Maria showcased new material which was brilliant.

Well 2009 saw the release of Agent Provocateur this featured new material which she had been touring with and most of the songs had been premiered on Myspace last year.

The album which is the 2nd album by Maria and Itunes only release is a amazing album. As soon as this album went onto Itunes I purchased straight away after most of the songs I had heard and I was blown away with them.

Well the album it features only 9 tracks and the runtime is a little over 37 minutes long. Even though 9 tracks does not seem like a lot for me it is the quality that counts and this album does not disappoint. Agent Provocateur shows how Maria has matured after her first album. The tracks on this album are a mixture of Rock and Pop with a couple of songs being slow songs.

Agent P which is the title track off the album was the first song of Maria’s new material I had heard. I have heard this song performed live twice and what a song it is. The song starts with drums then Maria launches in the song. This song is really powerful and you can tell that there is a Rock vibe in this song. It tells the story of two girls one is upper class and the other has a lower class. The girl who is upper class is trying to get the guy. Well this is a powerful start to the album and a good opener.

Cradle Underground is a song that I had heard on another site like I did with Moscow. I have also heard this song live and the change of style with Maria’s material which adds a bit of rock into the songs really works. This is a good song as all of Maria’s tracks are.

Lucy is immediately a catchy song. It starts off with guitars and from the moment Maria starts singing the song it doesn’t disappoint. You can feel the rockiness in the song and has really good verses and a powerful chorus.


Raise The Roof has a really good chorus. A powerful chorus to be precise. Good lyrics and a good melody as well


Unwanted which is a slow ballad which Maria plays on the piano. This song is a song that is easy to listen to. It has good verses and a good chorus. You can picture the actual story from which the song is saying.

City Life which is the newest of Maria’s songs had its premier on Myspace. As soon as I heard the song for the first time I immediately liked it. It is a amazing song from start to finish and it features a really good chorus.

I’m Crazy which is extremely catchy with its lyrics and melody is a slow song. It is probably my favourite new Maria track and one that I know Maria likes singing live. The backing vocals during the chorus is actually Maria herself. When I heard this song for the first time during one of the verses a song that sprung to my mind was Busted’s song Losing You.

Moscow is a song I heard on another account of Maria’s which streamed her music. Now this song is really catchy a song that I would like to hear live on day. It has a good melody, good verses and a powerful chorus. Like the rest of the tracks remaining on the album this is a Pop/ Rock song which you can tell from the use of the guitars.

Ready To Blow is the final track on the album and it is a really good song to end on. Good verses and chorus. I really like the melody of this song and the use of the guitars and drums.

OVERALL – This is a really good album. It is great to actually owning something by Maria. None of these tracks disappoint and I like all of them especially the slow songs. Maria has a beautiful voice and just hearing a ballad is simply amazing. It is difficult to pick out a favourite track as I like them all but if I had to choose I would pick I’m Crazy and Moscow closely followed by Lucy and Unwanted. I am so glad that Maria didn’t leave the music industry after the Telstar incident as she has a future ahead of her. Well Maria is now making music as Kitti Couture and the music is a completely different style. Below are links to the official Myspace pages which features new tracks and I’m Crazy features on Maria’s Myspace page. Clips of the songs from the album appear on the official website plus you can hear tracks from the debut unreleased Alibi.

Check out:

Maria Willson’s Official Myspace

Kitti Couture’s Official Myspace

Kitti Couture Official Website


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  1. Lisa Meighan says:

    Maria Willson has a beautiful voice! Really enjoyed “l’m crazy” definately look forward to more material!

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