Gary Go @ Bush Hall 25th March 2009

I was outside Bush Hall by 4.25 in the afternoon. I had a long wait until doors opened at 7.30. I had to kill three hours. The main reason I was there so early was due to the fact that I had no ticket and the Bush Hall website said there will be some tickets available on the door. So I killed 3 hours just by pacing up and down and sheltering from the rain. Someone who works at the venue came out and I mentioned I had no ticket and he then replied and said there are tickets available on the door so if I came back at 7 I would be able to get one. Later on he came out again and said there are a few tickets available but he would put me on the guest list for tickets to be paid if I gave him my name. Well I then went to the library in Shepherd’s Bush checked my myspace and sent Amy (Theoretical Girl) who I saw on 28th March). When I got back it was 6.30 and the doors opened at 7.30. I went in and they did not have the list. They then went up to get it but nothing. In the end I got in for free which is good considering I had my £8.50 fee already out of my pocket. So when I got in I went straight to the front of the stage.

At 7.45 Elviin came onstage. I had just found out that he was supporting a couple of minutes. So when I knew this I was intrigued to hearing him live again after I last saw him supporting Adele way back in May 2008. Originally Elviin was not my cup of tea when I first saw him. But that was over a year ago. Now I really enjoyed his set. He was on a keyboard backed by a backing band. Elviin’s songs are easy listening, they are upbeat and it has a little bit of soul in his song. Well he started his set with Paraphernalia then he followed it up with Goodbooks. Both are really good songs and ones that I would like to hear again. The 3rd song was The Sun And I. This is a good song but it was the wrong song to sing. The reason being is the sunshine is what had been lacking. Hence the title of the song the song is about the sun and Elviin sings that the sun is a friend of his. You can definitely hear a beat to this song. I liked this song its mid tempo and it is quite mellowing. Elviin can deliver songs. Next up was That Road followed by Worth Getting Arrested For. Other than the keyboards you have the drums being played throughout this song. This song is mid tempo not to fast nor slow. It has a powerful chorus, brilliant lyrics and a good melody. Next on the night it was Rise a song that I would like to hear a studio version to as it was my first time hearing the song. The final song on the night was In Colour. This song is very Keyboard driven and it has a beat to the song. Also in this song is the use of the drums. This is a really good song and definitely a crowd pleaser. I really liked the lyrics and the melody of the song. I am definitely looking forward to hearing the album when it is finally released.




The Sun And I

That Road

Worth Getting Arrested For


In Colour

The second act was VV Brown who comes on wearing a dress she had got that day but altered. Well this was the first time I had seen her live and I guess going to a gig where you haven’t heard any music by that artist before is good because you form a first opinion. I had only heard a snippet of VV’s music before and that was a little bit of the Leave video which was on Popjustice. Well anyways when VV came on stage the theme to the Gameboy game Super Mario Brothers was being played. The first song on the night was the first ever single released by VV called Crying Blood. This was a good song. Good lyrics and melody. The chorus it reminds me of part of the melody of the song Monster Mash. Well the songs were good but throughout the first 5 songs the instruments being played were overpowering the vocals. Whether if it was due to the fact I was right at the front I am not sure. But hearing the songs again they are really good. Just hearing versions of those songs on the internet they are amazing and I am looking forward to hearing whatever of those tracks make the albums final cut. I Love You the 6th song on the night is a slow ballady song. The vocals were heard clearly so no instruments were overpowering them. I can see this song being on the album. The next song on the night was Back In Time. The problems with the vocals had been sorted I could hear the song clearly even with the instruments being played. VV has a amazing voice. The song is mid tempo and VV has a powerful voice when singing this song. Now Quickfix it starts off with the drums being played then VV started to sing. The melody and the style of the song is kind of familiar but I cant put my finger on it. Next it was a cover of a Smith’s song then it was onto the second single Leave. This was the clip I had seen on Popjustice. I really like this song it has a good melody and good lyrics. The final song in this set was Shark In The Water. When VV said the title she said it was called In The Water. The song is really catchy and it has a beat to it. I would say sounded a bit reggae it is definitely a song I would like to hear a studio version of.


Crying Blood

Game Over




I Love You

Back In Time



Shark In The Water

After seeing Gary when he was supporting Amy MacDonald way back in October I was intrigued to catch him live again before his career gets a massive boost as he will be joining Take That on tour. This set did not disappoint. Gary who is right in front of me on his keyboard launches into Open Arms. Before he starts playing he is looking direct in my camera. So I take my photo which is good. Well onto Open Arms it is a crowd pleaser to start off the 7 track set. The song starts of slow and has really good lyrics plus a good melody. As soon as it gets to the chorus it feels as it is a strong chorus. This song was definitely a good song to start off with and I cant wait to hear the final studio version and the album. Is Love So Hard To Find is next and is a good song and I would love to hear it again. However early album track listings shows it has not made the final cut on the album. Next up on the night is Engines. As with all of Gary’s songs they are crowd pleasers there was not a single song I did not like. This song a mid tempo song not too fast and not too slow. The chorus is powerful and it has really good verses. 4th song is Superfuture. For this song Gary puts on his 3d glasses (Well not 3d because both lenses were red). Someone in the audience shouts out that he went to Mars in the music video to which Gary replied saying how did you know that. Well the song it definitely grows on you the more times you hear it. It is a bit rocky and more upbeat compared to his previous songs which have been slow and mellowing. This song is a contender to be on the forthcoming album. So So is the 5th track to be played on the night. It is a really good song it starts slow. You could imagine there being a huskiness in Gary’s voice. My favourite part of the song has to be when Gary sings the part which goes “Take Me Back To London Town” that part is amazing. From then on the song picks up from there it becomes both powerful and strong. Gary then slows things down by singing what could be the chorus again. The next song on the night is both a crowd goer and a crowd pleaser. This being the current single Wonderful. For those who haven’t seen or heard the song I advise you do. This song has a good melody great lyrics and is very catchy. There was some crowd participation when Gary sung Say I Am the crowd then responded with the same line. Well Wonderful is a pure pop song which has catchy lyrics and a melody that you will suddenly realise. The final song on the night was Heart and Soul. The song is very powerful and has some catchy lyrics. I really like this song as it is a smooth mellow song. After the song had finished Gary went off stage and then back stage. Many were expecting a encore including me. Even though there wasn’t a encore that did not spoil the performance I had just seen which wetted my appetite for the forthcoming album.


Open Arms

Is Love So Hard To Find



So So


Heart And Soul


BEST TRACK – Even though Wonderful was amazing live my favourite track would have to be Heart and Soul.


OVERALL – I enjoyed this gig. It was full of energy. Brilliant support acts who I would want to hear again. Also I met some great people. Bush Hall is a intimate venue and I reckon Gary supporting Take That is going to hugely boost his career. I even got to meet Gary after the show.



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