Amy Studt @ The Good Ship 22nd March 2009

I got to Kilburn surprisingly early. I was there about 6.10 and I had left my place at 4 and got the 4.30 train. Well before I left I had to make a note of the address so I wouldn’t get lost. Well in the end I got to Kilburn station and I went to the pub had a look inside then went back to the tube to see the last tube times as it was a Sunday service. Only 4 lines were operating luckily the lines that I needed to use were 2 of those 4 lines. Well I had seen Amy but I chose not to say anything as I was a bit she. So later on about 6.40pm I go back inside have a sit down and Amy is putting down flyers on each table. When she comes over to me I wish her happy birthday. When I was in the pub Last Man Down were sound checking and then later Sarah Leanne Palmer and Lee were sound checking. After Amy sound checked with her guitarist Connor. Connor was singing bits of Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes. Well songs sound checked by Amy included She Ran, Sad Sad World and One Last Cigarette.

First up was Lindsay West. Songs that she sang included Mary Jane, There and Warwick Avenue which is a response to the Duffy song but from the guys point of view. Lindsay had a accent and I assume she comes from America but lives in the UK. I liked her short 30 minute set she has a beautiful voice. Lindsay was just by herself with just a acoustic guitar. Not many people were watching her when she was on. About 14 people where watching. I would most definitely see her again live as she has some good songs. My favourite has to be Mary Jane and her response to Duffy’s Warwick Avenue.

Next was Sarah Leanne Palmer. She was joined with her cousin Lee who was on acoustic guitar. The gig was running on time no slow changeovers. I really enjoyed this set. It was a mixture of Rock and Pop. Songs on the night were All I Ever Wanted, Fair Ground, Sweet Sweet, Too Overcome which Lee sang but it was originally Sarah’s song and a brilliant cover of Counting Crows St Robinson In His Cadillac Dream which they ended the set with. I really enjoyed the set I definitely would see them again as the first time you see a artist live you don’t really absorb the songs as it is the first time you have heard them.

Amy came on at 9.40 and she started off her set with my favourite song She Ran. What I liked about this was that Amy was on Keyboard and Connor was on the guitar. She Ran has to be the most powerful song on the album My Paper Made Men. This song has a catchy chorus and a good tune that I love. When a third single is chosen off the album this is definitely in my opinion a contender. This song was a really good song to start the set off with. I would say that it is powerful when it reaches the chorus and strong. Next up its Sad, Sad World. This song first appeared as the B Side for the digital release of Furniture. I would say this song is a ballady song but I know the album version is definitely not a ballad because you have the addition of drums and guitars. Third up its Furniture which was the first single to be taken off Amy’s album. When I first heard this song way back in 2008 I did not like it but since then it has grown on me. Now this song is a slow ballad and despite of what I said about not liking slow songs in the past I like this one. Following on is She Walks Beautiful after when the song finished it received applause. Well as for the song I really liked it. It is a beautiful song it has good verses and chorus. The fact that Amy is using only a keyboard and has Connor on guitar makes it even more amazing. The chorus to this song I find to quite powerful. The 5th song on the night is One Last Cigarette. Amy said to Connor what to play next before deciding to sing this song. Initially I thought Amy said she wanted a cigarette but she didn’t. Amy also said after this song we all probably would fancy a cigarette afterwards. Well this song is a nice slow song. Towards the end it does start to gather pace then it changes to normal pace. The next song Nice Boys is Amy’s current single and one of my favourite songs off the album. This song is a really good song catchy verses and a catchy chorus. It also has a good melody to it and I would say it is a mid tempo song. Just hearing all the songs Amy played on the night acoustically was amazing because it strips down the original version of the song because on the original version you probably will have other instruments playing. After Nice Boys had finished it was onto a track from False Smiles. Misfit was Amy’s 2nd single and just hearing a acoustic version of this song was simply breathtaking. I am glad that Amy hasn’t completely forgotten about her old material and concentrated on the new songs because some of those old songs are really good. Just hearing Amy singing the song is really different compared to the original not only did she sing it acoustic but Amy has grown older she has matured since she first released this song in 2003. The final two songs on the night were slow songs. Chasing The Light has a powerful chorus. As soon as I heard the first few lines of the song I immediately knew what song it was. All the songs sung on the night were really good but Chasing The Light is not as powerful compared to the others. I really like the song you cant find faults with any tracks off My Paper Made Men. The final song on the night was Hear Lies Love. Now Connor needed the folder opened which showed something referring to the song. The folder that I saw earlier on the very front in black letters was the words “The Amy File”. Now this song Amy mainly used the keyboard it is a slow song but extremely powerful. It actually reminds me of a Evanescence song which mainly uses the piano.


She Ran

Sad Sad World


She Walks Beautiful

One Last Cigarette

Nice Boys


Chasing The Light

Hear Lies Love

After Amy’s set had finished I got a photo with Amy and I got her to sign one of the flyers for the album. After when I had the photo I then left after experiencing a brilliant gig with Amy and two excellent support acts Lindsay West and Sarah Leanne Palmer with Lee.

OVERALL – I really enjoyed this night. Having been a fan of Amy’s music since she first came onto the scene I would say as she has got older her music has got better. She has some really powerful songs and some are really catchy and will be in your head for days and days. Must not forget the support acts even though it was the first time seeing them they did leave a good impression on me to the point where I would go to see them again live. I did not get to see Last Man Down though which was ashame because of the tubes as it was Sunday service and the fact most of the tube lines were suspended.

BEST TRACK – On the night the best track by Amy Studt was Misfit closely followed by She Ran. Misfit is a really good song and I am glad that Amy still plays old material. The style of the song was different as Amy has matured since she first came onto the pop scene with “Just A Little Girl”.

The best track by Lindsay West has to be her response to Duffy’s Warwick Avenue. That was the favourite track of mine but you cant fault any of the songs played because they are all excellent.

Finally the best track by Sarah Leanne Palmer and her cousin Lee has to be St Robinson and his Cadillac Dream. I cant find the words to say how brilliant that song actually was. It was so powerful and it was the perfect song to end the set with.


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