Twee As F**k @ Buffalo Bar 13th March 2009

I may be superstitious but nothing bad happened on this Friday 13th compared to last month. Well I was off to a new venue one that I had passed before but I had never been inside. I got there about 6.45 I went inside and I had a look round and read a magazine to pass the time. I then later went outside and started queuing. Doors opened at 9pm but I was let in at 8.45. When I had got in I went downstairs into the gig area. I was standing right at the front on my left. Before the first act I spotted Amy (Theoretical Girl) and in the end I got a picture with her.

First up was The Felt Tips who came from Glasgow. The thing I like about support bands is because you see bands that may be big in the future. Now The Felt Tips only had a 30 minute set and they sang some really good songs. When hearing a band for the first time it takes a couple of listens to get familiar with the songs. Well the songs I liked on the night were The One That Got Away and Bought And Sold. Well all the tracks are fantastic and they are a band worth checking out. They are a mixture of Indie and Pop.

The second band was another Scottish band called Wake The President. This band was playing for around 45 minutes. They had some good songs and the style of their music is pop with a little bit of folk. They did 9 tracks (they were going to do 10 but cut the last due to time constraints). Well they sung two new songs which aren’t on the album these tracks were Airtime and Penny Lane. When the lead singer was singing the new tracks he was armed with a black book of lyrics because his mind was too f**ked of alcohol.

The final act on the night was the one I came to see Theoretical Girl. Theoretical Girl I first saw back in February when she was supporting Nerina Pallot. Then her music was smooth and ballady. But this time it was different she was joined by a backing band who consisted of Kelly from The Equations on guitar and Davey on bass and Brandon on drums who are also in The Equations for the time being. Now the songs were the same ones about unrequited love but they were more edgy as they had guitars, drums and bass in the background. It is hard to find faults with any songs on he night. Well Amy started the 8 track set with I Should Have Loved You More and when it was about to finish they went straight into The Hypocrite. The next song was The Boy I Left Behind which was then followed by Dancehall Deceit which Amy successfully managed to play three instruments in one song. Next up was another new song called The Biggest Mistake which was then followed by Rivals which will be Amy’s next release. The video sees her in a Sinclair C5. The final two songs on the night were a really good version of Red Mist and then Divided which Amy did not say was cheesy.


The gig finished at 12.10, I had a quick word with Amy wishing her good luck for SXSW then off I went.


I Should Have Loved You More

The Hypocrite

The Boy I Left Behind

Dancehall Deceit


The Biggest Mistake

Red Mist


OVERALL – I really enjoyed this gig. It was great seeing Theoretical Girl perform again and I cant wait to hear the album. Even though the songs all follow the same suit you don’t get bored with them. There was some banter from Amy she told us about her trip to Wales as she was performing there. She recalled seeing two girls late at night and police were there and one bent down and on her knickers were the words Cock Pit.


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