Mumford & Sons @ ICA 4th March 2009


I arrived at the ICA at 5pm. When I arrived no one was there so I had a look round and looked at all the art. I later found out that the doors that were opening were the ones near the bar area. So I just waited and sat at one of the tables read the paper until the doors opened at 8.

Well the running order was really accurate the first support band Sons Of Noel and Adrian were on at 8.20. This is probably the biggest band I have seen I would say there were around 7 people in the band. Songs that were sung were Inside Olympia, Indigo and The Wreck Is Not A Boat. This band is pure folk music. It sounds like if Laura Marling was in Mumford and Sons instead of Noah and the Whale. The best song for me in this short was The Wreck Is Not A Boat. It started with just whistling for about a minute then the song started. Also there was plenty of footstamping. The footstamping was so hard the lead singers can of beer was knocked over.

Next up was Alessi and her band which she calls her Ark. Well Alessi was in a purple dress and she said she looked like a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Other banter on the night including the fact she was mentioning about Heston Blumenthal who she got mixed up with the type of cheese Emmental. A fan then corrected Alessi’s mistake. Songs that were played on the night from which I remembered included The Horse, The Dog, Woman, Constellations and a new song called Dancing Feet. Now how can I describe Alessi’s music. Well having seen Alessi before when she was just by herself I can say that Alessi’s music is easy listening to and I love the lyrics and the style of her songs.

Next up was Mumford and Sons. They opened up their 12 song set by singing Sigh No More in complete darkness. This was the first time I had heard this song and I quite like it. There is something about the way they sing that I like the fact that when Marcus sings there is a slight bit of huskiness in his voice. Next up was Little Lion Man. This song appeared on the 2nd EP Love Your Ground. I like this song initionally I did not remember the song when they started playing but as soon as they got to the chorus I suddenly realised what song it was. This song has a catchy chorus “It was not your fault it was mine, And it was your heart on the line”. Up next was a song that appeared on the debut EP Lend Me Your Eyes. The song was Awake My Soul. If I am honest the 1st EP is the best out of the two. This song Marcus sings slowly. Halfway into the song the pace gathers and the rest of the band start singing the line Awake My Soul. After the song has finished Marcus says the next song is White Blank Page and the crowd then cheered. Now what can I say about this song well it is amazing. It is a crowd pleaser and Marcus has such a strong voice when delivering this song. The 5th song on the night is Feel The Tide. This track is taken from the 2nd EP Love Your Ground. I would say this song is a light song. Following on is Hold On To What You Believe. As with all the songs Marcus is the lead singer and all the songs are sung by him. Well I was nodding my head to the beat of this song but it wasn’t my favourite on the night compared to all the other songs. Up next is a brand new song. One that I cant really comment on as I have only heard it the once and I cant remember the song fully. Well the title of the song sounded like Timshel. After that new song it was another brand new song. The set list said that the song was called I Gave You as that was a line that was used a lot of times during the song. Before playing Marcus said they only played this song once and that was when they were in Portsmouth so the song they called Pompey. I quite like this song. I like the beat of this song and the chorus as well. I can understand why the set list would say I Gave You as the song title as it was mentioned in the chorus three times. Whether the final version will be called Pompey I don’t know. I am looking forward to hearing a studio version to this song and it is always good hearing songs that have not been demoed and just played out on tour. Well after Marcus has finished there is a lot of applause. Marcus then launches into the next song which is Roll Away Your Stone. Marcus’s voice is amazing and so to are his guitar skills. Now I first heard of Mumford & Sons last year and I have really got into folk music and Mumford & Sons are a band you have to see live because their gigs are amazing. The final two songs are No, Not Up For It and The Cave. Both of which appear on the new EP “The Cave and The Open Sea” on 6th April. For No, Not Up For It Marcus is playing the banjo. This song I am looking forward to hearing it on the EP. As well as the banjos and the cello there is also someone playing the trumpet in the background. I actually quite like the lyrics. The song could have been called But My Heart Told My Head. Well The Cave Marcus is back on the acoustic guitar. When Marcus starts the song some of the fans are whooping with delight. The stage is in complete darkness it does brighten up eventually. This is a strong song (noose around your neck) and towards the end the song does become more powerful. It sounds if more energy is being put into the song.

A couple of minutes later the band come back on for a encore. The song being Dust Bowl Dance. Marcus is on the drums which are directly in front of me. This song is a quiet song and is sung in a steady tone. Further into the song Marcus puts more energy to make this one amazing encore. When the song is nearing the end Marcus goes mad on the drums hitting the symbols and the drums. When he has finished the song changes to a quiet song. Once Marcus has finished he thanks the audience gets up and bows. The audience is cheering and there is a rapture of applause.


Sigh No More

Little Lion Man

Awake My Soul

White Blank Page

Feel The Tide

Hold On To What You Believe


I Gave You

Roll Away Your Stone

No, Not Up For It

The Cave

Dust Bowl


BEST TRACK – If I was to choose a new then old track the new track would have to be Pompey and the old track will have to be White Blank Page. Pompey was a amazing song I really liked the lyrics and the fact that it has a catchy chorus. White Blank Page was my favourite old song because it is a crowd pleaser and one you can nod your head too.


OVERALL – This was the first time I had been to the ICA and what a amazing venue it was. Mumford & Sons are a brilliant band one you should definitely go and see while they are still touring at smaller venues. I enjoyed all the tracks and I am looking forward to hear the new album and EP. As for the support both Alessi’s Ark and Sons Of Noel And Adrian were completely faultless.

I give this gig: 8.8/10



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