Katy Perry @ Koko 27th February 2009

Well I arrived slightly earlier today. I arrived at 12.10 as I had left work at 11 and made my way straight away. When I got there about 9 people were already queuing. Well queuing for 6 hours involved talking to people in the queue who turned out to know someone I knew. Well at 7 the doors opened. We all thought it may have been earlier as they were holding Club NME at 10.30. Well we started to go in and I ran and got a space right at the front centre left.

Well at 7.40 3OH3! Came on. Now they were still full of energy throughout their set. I am really liking the songs and I would like to hear more material from them. This time it wasn’t as loud. Probably I didn’t enjoy Thursdays performance that much because I was in front of the speaker. I’m surprised I didn’t go deaf. Well back to tonights performance I really enjoyed it. 3OH3! Have grown on me. Prior to seeing Katy on the Thursday I checked put this band but I didn’t really enjoy the songs it wasn’t the style of music I would listen to. But after seeing the band supporting Katy’s last date in London I really like the music all the songs have grown on me. Don’t Trust Me is the only song I can remember its name.

Well Katy came on about 8.30 which was earlier than the day before. The reason behind this was because of Club NME at 10.30 meaning the gig had to finish at 10pm. Now this was exactly the same as the night before with some changes. Katy came on to Killer Queen. She was dressed in a sailors outfit and then went into Fingerprints followed by One Of The Boys then Hot N Cold. For Hot N Cold Katy does the Hokey Pokey before she starts singing Hot N Cold. Next up it is Self Inflicted Katy climbs on top of the speakers on the right hand side. Those speakers are the speakers that I was near the day before. Next it is Waking Up In Vegas. This was the only difference between both nights as Use Your Love had been cut. After Waking Up In Vegas had finished it was onto the ballad songs well the first two songs are ballads then the next two songs have a faster pace. These songs are Lost, Thinking Of You, Mannequin and Ur So Gay. For Ur So Gay Katy approached the male security guard and sung to him. Following on from Ur So Gay is I’m Still Breathing a song Katy rarely sings then after it is I Think I’m Ready which Katy says she wrote in Surrey. The final song of the night is If You Can Afford Me. When the song is finished Katy goes offstage and the crowd start chanting encore and chanting Katy’s name. Katy then comes back onto the stage a few minutes later launching herself into Don’t Stop Me Now. Katy is wearing a pink leopard print cat suit. When the song has finished. Katy starts singing I Kissed A Girl. This was amazing. Katy had her giant Cherry Chapstick then later she went into the crowd and crowd surfed. It was simply amazing.



One Of The Boys

Hot N Cold

Self Inflicted

Waking Up In Vegas


Thinking Of You


Ur So Gay

I’m Still Breathing

I Think I’m Ready

If You Can Afford Me

Don’t Stop Me Now

I Kissed A Girl

BEST TRACK – The best track on the night has to be I Kissed A Girl. This was the final song of the night and Katy crowd surfed. This caused mayhem with people wanting to touch Katy. Someone even removed her shoes at one point she was sucked up by the crowd.

OVERALL – I enjoyed this night even though my favourite song Use Your Love had to be taken off the set list. This was the last date from the dates Katy did in the UK. Katy’s gigs are full of energy and there is loads of participation from the crowd. The crowd surfing moment made this a brilliant gig. I cant wait to see her in June.

I give this gig: 8.9/10


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