Katy Perry @ Koko 26th February 2009

Well I arrived at the Koko at 4.30. I left my place at 3 and got the train to Victoria. Then Victoria to Euston then Euston to Mornington Crescent. When I finally got there there was already a queue of 50 people. I joined the queue and I started to think shall I go for a spot on the balcony or shall I risk it and try and get a spot at the barrier. Well the doors opened at 7 and people started to go in. When I got in as I got to the balcony I took a split second to decide what I was going to do. Now I risked it and went in the lower area. I noticed that there was still a barrier space front row but on the right hand side where the speakers were. So that is where I was staying for the following three hours. I was really pleased because everyone who were in front of me in the queue went for the centre. There were already three rows of people in the centre.

The first act on was a American band who have been supporting Katy throughout her tour called 3OH3!. Now what can I say about the band well they are pretty energetic and they were pretty loud. Maybe that was just me because I was right near the speaker. Well hearing them for the first time I really liked them. Sometimes I don’t like bands who are really energetic but I really liked the songs that they did. Now I cant remember all the songs that were sung but one was called Don’t Trust Me. Don’t Trust Me is a song that has grown on me.

Around 9 Katy took the stage. The actual set looks amazing with a inflatable Kitty Purry and inflatable strawberries and bananas. The strawberries would get thrown in the crowd later on. Well Katy then came onstage to the beginning of Queen’s Killer Queen. When she was on the stage she started singing Fingerprints. Katy is wearing a black sparkly top. It has a face on it and it has what you could say are either diamonds or crystals. The colours of them are red, blue, green and some purple. The cameramen and women are taking their photos go after Katy finishes her next song One Of The Boys. The 3rd song of the night is Hot N Cold. So far I have been singing along to Katy’s song and so have the rest of the crowd. Even though I wasn’t standing where I would like to stand I am glad I made the choice and stand where I was standing on the night. Being near the speakers it made everything a lot louder and I am glad I did not go deaf after 3OH3!. After Hot N Cold has finished it is onto Self Inflicted. It is hard to pick out a favourite Katy song as they are all the same. All the tracks are amazing. The 5th song on the night has to be one of my favourites Use Your Love which is a cover did not feature on the album but it featured on the Vinyl EP of Ur So Gay. This song is really catchy I can remember this song was stuck in my head and I could not remember the name of the song nor the artist. I kept playing it round in my head and the chorus just kept on repeating. Following on from Use Your Love is Waking Up In Vegas. The amount of times you hear any song by Katy it grows on you even if you don’t like it at first. Up next it is the star of what I say is the ballad part of the show. Katy gets her guitar and then starts playing Lost. Now as much as I like all of Katy’s songs Lost is near the bottom. After Katy has played Lost its onto the new single Thinking Of You. Thinking Of You is a strong song with a strong video accompanying it. Next it is onto Mannequin Katy then tells the story of Pinocchio. Katy was talking about a guy who wasn’t that big but had a lot of wood. She then started to play Mannequin. When the song was over the next song to be sung was Ur So Gay during this song the crowd raised their hands in the air and waved them from side to side for the chorus. When the song finishes she pauses then says Penis. Well after the song has finished Katy then goes onto say that when she has been on tour she always does the popular songs and never does the others. So the next song is I’m Still Breathing. I’m Still Breathing is a ballad but this time I quite like this ballad. It is a grower. First time I heard Katy play this was back at the Union Chapel in November. After I’m Still Breathing it is onto I Think I’m Ready. This again is another slow song and does not feature on the album. This song appeared as a bonus track in the USA. Katy tells the crowd that it is the only love song she has written. The final song is If You Can Afford Me. This is a brilliant fast paced song and I think it is a good song to end on.

The stage went dark the crowd were chanting encore. The band then later came on stage to a rapture of cheers. Katy then started to sing the song from her dressing room. The song was Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. This song was amazing Katy then took to the stage in a leopard print cat suit. Now this is a really good encore. After Katy has finished there is one song left. It was inevitable that the final song of the night would be I Kissed A Girl how could she miss out her biggest hit. Well the next song was I Kissed A Girl. Prior to the song she picked on the female security guard then tried to get her to kiss the large inflatable cherry chapstick she had. Katy then pointed the cherry chapstick to the audience. It just reached the front barrier so people could kiss it. Well when the song was approaching the end Katy came to the barriers and went in the crowd. Katy then came out then left the stage.

Set List


One Of The Boys

Hot N Cold

Self Inflicted

Use Your Love

Waking Up In Vegas


Thinking Of You


Ur So Gay

I’m Still Breathing

I Think I’m Ready

If You Can Afford Me

Don’t Stop Me Now

I Kissed A Girl

BEST TRACK – My favourite track of the night has to be Katy’s cover of Don’t Stop Me Now. The encore was amazing one of the best encores I have seen.

OVERALL – Overall I enjoyed my night at the Koko I enjoyed the support and I had a good view considering I would not always go for the side. Katy’s set was full of energy from start to finish. I really liked her banter. She also mentioned the fact getting a e card for valentines day is not acceptable. She climbed on top of the speakers during I think Self Inflicted. Strawberries were thrown into the crowd so they could hit them like a beach ball.

I give this gig: 8.7/10


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