Nerina Pallot @ Dr Martins FREEDM Studios 21st February 2009

I arrived at The Roundhouse about 5.30pm and waited around queuing near the door to the studio. After 2 hours the doors finally opened they opened 5 minutes early as they were supposed to open at 7.30. Well when I got into the studios I was surprised how intimate it was. As always I was right at the front. In my opinion the front is always the best place to be.

First up it was a artist called Theoretical Girl. Now she was amazing. Support acts can be really good. The theme running through the set is unrequited love. All her songs are worth checking out. The first song in the set was I Should Have Loved You More which is about a girl who has let go of the guy but has feelings for him still. This song is quite catchy and the lyrics tell a story. If you have had a bad experience in a relationship you can relate to the song. I like the pace of this song its not too fast nor too slow. Throughout the set Amy had a band of two people Imogen Gunner and Jo Silverston on the violin and cello. Next up is Divided Amy says this is a cheesy love song. Now for this song Amy is on acoustic guitar. This song is a slow song the first opening of the song starts off slow. Yes the bit saying we will fit like a glove is abit cheesy. Well after the first verse the song picks up and it is faster in pace. The lyrics are catchy especially the bit my love is unrequited we’ll always be divided. In my opinion this song is not cheesy, I really like this song. 3rd up its Good Timing. This is actually a new song and tells the story of the girl and the fact she has never been blessed with good timing as she has realised how much she loved the boy now she has let him go. Following on from Good Timing is The Hypocrite. This song was the third single to be released by Theoretical Girl and first on new label Saliva. After hearing this song I would say it is a lot darker compared to the other songs. The song starts straight away and both the cello and violin are played throughout the song. This song is completely different to the other songs it is not a love song. The 5th song is Seeing You Again. Amy is on the piano. This song is a slow love song I actually quite like this song. From the lyrics it is a love song again but it tells the story of a couple who have split and then they meet up again and it has been a long time since they saw one another. Even though I have said I don’t like slow songs I have found out that if I can relate to the song or I can picture the images in my head like a music video then I like the song. The use of the piano for this slow ballad makes this a good song. I like the lyrics and melody to this song. Finally the 6th song is The Boy I Left Behind. Amy is not on the piano. There is a tambourine, strings being plucked and chime bars. Well this song has a slight pace to it, it is very different to the last song. As like with all the songs the theme is love. The title of the song basically sums up the song. It tells the story of the girl and she wants the boy back.


Set List


I Should Have Loved You More


Good Timing

The Hypocrite

Never Good Enough

Seeing You Again

The Boy I Left Behind


This gig was running on time. Nerina took to the stage exactly the same time it said on the running order of the night. This was the first time I had seen Nerina live. I decided to get a ticket way back in December after viewing the Roundhouse website and I just fancied booking a ticket. The only Nerina song that I remember is Everybody’s Gone To War which is her most known song. Yes I have her debut album Dear Frustrated Superstar but I have not listened to it that often. I was listening to Fires on my Ipod when making my journey by train but the Ipod decided to run out only three songs in.


The set was a mixture of new songs and some old songs. Nerina told the audience that the gigs that she was doing was to test out the new material. She also mentioned that when she wasn’t in the public eye in 2007 she had been working writing new songs. Well Nerina started off the set by taking to the piano and started to sing Idaho which is taken from the second album Fires. This song has a good melody to it and it starts with Nerina playing the piano. Nerina starts singing about 30 seconds in. The drums then kick in. I really like this song some of the lyrics are catchy. I would say it is slightly dark. The song that follows is the first new song by Nerina. The song is called Real Late Starter. Nerina is on the piano this song is catchy and I really like it. I like the chorus when she sings Oh My God. I really like the melody of this song. Following on is another song from Fires. Learning To Breathe is a lovely catchy paced song. Nerina plays it wonderfully on the piano. It now has to be one of my favourite tracks off of Fires. The next song on the set list is another new song which is played on the piano. Coming Home is a really good song one that I look forward to hear if it makes the new album. Next up is Blood Is Blood. This featured on Nerina’s first album Dear Frustrated Superstar. Now the chorus is really catchy. The pace is quite fast and this song is really good. I would say as soon as the chorus the song gathers pace and Nerina puts more energy into this song. After Blood Is Blood Nerina launches into Better Than Today. This is taken from The Buckminster Fuller EP. When Nerina is playing the guitar from the melody of this song it sounds like it has a reggae feel to it. This song I really like and is completely different to her other material. For the next song Nerina sits on a stool right in front of me and she starts to play Mr King on her guitar. Now Mr King featured on the album Fires. This song is a slow song and it then gathers pace later in the song. This song is a lovely song and it is definitely more suited to be played on a guitar with no backing band. Human was the next song to be played. Nerina was sitting on a stool playing her guitar. Human is a new Nerina song and it is a slow song. The fact that she was sitting on the stool no band it made that song more intimate. I was right in front of Nerina. It starts off then it gets to the chorus. The chorus feels powerful and then the song picks up in pace. I look forward to hearing a studio version of this song. It Starts is another new track which features on The Buckminster Fuller EP which were exclusive to the few gigs Nerina was doing. This song Nerina was playing solo on the Piano. It Starts is a slow song which is definitely a grower. After It Starts it is onto Buckminster Fuller a short song which is the title track of the EP. It tells the story of a dream about a gentleman called Buckminster Fuller. With this being a short song whether it turns out to be the final version I don’t know. Following on is a song called Bennie and the Jets which I thought was a new song but it turns out to be a cover of Elton John’s version of the song. This song is really good the title of the song becomes embedded on your mind when it features in the song. The melody to the song is really powerful. The next song is another new song. For Bitch Nerina plays the piano and it is really guitar heavy. Now this is a good powerful song. Nerina then does a little bit of God which was not on the setlist then she then starts to play Someday Soon after. This was the last song to be played off her first album Dear Frustrated Superstar. Nerina told the audience that she started liking her tracks from her first album as she didn’t originally like them. This song has a catchy chorus and has a good melody. This is another powerful song. Nerina is on the piano and the drummer is playing the drums. Following on is another new song called The Right Side. Nerina plays it on the piano. I like this song it has a fast pace and really good lyrics. I like the part when she starts the chorus saying Watch Out Here We Go. The next song is Everybody’s Gone To War. This was the only song I knew off the set list as my ipod decided to die on me 3 songs into Fires. This song is Nerina’s best known song. Nerina is on her guitar and she is backed by her band. This song is amazing and it got the audience going. I Don’t Wanna Go Out was the last song played. Nerina is on the piano and there are trumpets played as well. I like this song it is really catchy. Nerina then went offstage only to come back by herself for what was to be a two song encore.


The encore started with another new song called It Was Me which Nerina sung buy herself while playing her guitar. I would like to hear a studio version of this song. The final song on the night was Sophia which featured on the album Fires. This was a solo song and Nerina was on the piano. It is a slow song but it picks up as soon as the chorus is sung. I would say that this does turn into a powerful song. After the gig finishes I wait just outside the studio door where other people are waiting. Nerina eventually comes out and people get stuff signed and photos. Well I get a photo and I get Nerina to sign the set list and my copy of The Buckminster Fuller EP.


Set List



Real Late Starter

Learning To Breathe


Blood Is Blood

Better Than Today

Mr King


It Starts

Buckminster Fuller

Bennie And The Jets


Someday Soon

The Right Side

Everybody’s Gone To War

I Don’t Wanna Go Out

It Was Me



BEST TRACK – Normally I pick out one track but I will pick out two one old and another new. Well the best old track has to be Blood Is Blood. It is a amazing song and really catchy. The new track I like is a tussle between Real Late Started and Better Than Today. But I have to pick Real Late Starter this song is really catchy.


OVERALL – This was the first time I had seen Nerina live and it will not be my last. I really enjoyed all the songs. I liked the banter by Nerina she went on about aliens. Well this was a really good night and had really good support. I look forward to hearing album number 3 by Nerina.


I give this gig: 8/10


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