Peggy Sue Lazarus/ Alice In The Kitchen Single Launch @ Café Oto 13th February 2009

It was Friday 13th unlucky for some and in a way you could say it was unlucky for me. I finally got to Café Oto at 6pm two hours before the doors opened. It was my first time there and my first time I had stopped off at Dalton Kingsland. Well I went inside the café and Rosa, Katy and Olly were working on the sound check. Rosa waved at me as soon as I entered. I then went and sat in a corner. Songs that were being sound checked were The Sea, The Sea, Lazurus, Once We Were Strangers and Matilda. They also soundchecked a song called Phillipe Petit which I first heard when I last saw the band last December.

As 8pm came Katy and Olly were sitting at the table where people could purchase merchandise and pay the admission fee. I then talked to Katy about the tour that they had just been on with Mumford and Sons to which Katy replied it was probably one of the best tours they have been on. Well I then went and took a seat at a table right in front where the equipment was set up. As soon as the vinyls of the latest single were placed on the merchandise stall I went over and purchased one. I gave Katy the £3 and asked her if she could sign it. That’s when the first unlucky thing happened to me, my black marker pen that I use to get stuff signed was running out. Well both Katy and Olly sign the vinyl sleeve and I go back to my seat.

As I was hungry I purchased a crossaint which was delicious and a bag of hand cooked salt and vinegar crisps all for £2.40. The actual gig starts around 8.40. The first act was Pete Roe. It was the second time I had seen Pete. I quite like his music. Pete sang around 5 songs the last appears on the mini album Animals. Before Pete came on that’s when unlucky thing number two happened. My camera was not working my new digital camera that I only got on the Monday. I dismissed it as being low baterry even though it had about 3 bars out of 3 when I left it on Wednesday. Well after Pete it was a break so they could get all the equipment set up for the next artist. Next up was Eugene McGuinness. Katy introduces him and I think he is a amazing artist one that I want to hear more material from.

Well next up is Peggy Sue. The set started around 10.30 and they started off with the song about treading on snails “Escargot”. Now I really like this song the lyrics you get the story in your head.

Next up is a song I thought I have heard before but it turns out that I haven’t. Well the next song was a new song called Lover Gone. This song is really short compared to all of the others. After Lover Gone was my favourite song Once We Were Strangers. Having heard this song on the February monthly cds they made during 2008. This song is definitely more upbeat and has a fast pace. Katy was playing the song on her new electric guitar and did stop when they reached the chorus as the guitar strap had come undone.

Lazarus is the next song played. Before the song starts there is a little plug for the new vinyl. I previously heard a really early version which was on one of the monthly cds and there is a difference between both versions. The main addition is the useage of the drums.

Pupils Blink is the next song and it is a fast paced song just like how I like them. This has to be one of my favourite old Peggy Sue songs. Up next is Clockwork. Rosa is on the guitar and Katy begins hitting a wooden box with two drumsticks. Clockwork is a slow song to star off with. I actually like this song it is definitely a grower.

Spare Parts is another old song which I really like. Katy is on the guitar and Rosa is the egg shaker. Next up is the second side to the new vinyl “Alice In The Kitchen”. I actually really like this song. I have heard it a couple of times before live and I have a hard copy of it as it was a track that appeared on one of the monthly cds. It definitely grows on me and the video is really good.

The next song also featured on one of the monthy cds. Eisenstein is a nice song and it is mainly sung by Katy. I like Eisenstein but I would say its not as stronger than songs like Once We Were Strangers, Pupils Blink and Escargot.

Next up is All In My Grill which someone shouted out to play. All In My Grill is a cover of a Missy Elliot track. I like this cover and I like the use of the chime bars at the start (were they chime bars well it was bars in a case). Both Katy and Rosa sing this cover. By this time I am clock watching as it is getting late.

After All In My Grill is another new song Matilda. Now I quite liked this song. When I heard it for the first time in soundcheck I thought I had heard the song before but I was wrong it was completely new to me. Well I would really like to see this song appear on a CD so I can listen to it over and over again.

The final song was The Sea, The Sea which appeared on The First Aid EP which was also on the merchandise stall. I like this song it has a good tune to it and good lyrics. I think this was a extrememly good song to end on. Well after when they went off people were expecting a encore but it never came. Well I then left had a quick word with Rosa saying enjoyed the set see you again soon and then darted off to get the train. Got to the station the train was there I had to jump down the stairs. Thankgod I managed to get the last train which was 11.45.



Lover Gone

Once We Were Strangers


Pupils Blink


Spare Parts

Alice In The Kitchen


All In My Grill


The Sea, The Sea

BEST TRACK – The best track on the night has to be Once We Were Strangers. As much as I loved all of Peggy Sue’s songs OWWS definitely gets the crowd going. It has everything a song needs. It has got a good beat it is fast paced and it is infectious.

OVERALL – I would say even though this gig started late and finished late it was the best way to spend a Friday 13th and a Valentines Day Eve. I thoroughly enjoyed Peggy Sue plus Pete Roe and Eugene McGuinness. I definitely would see them again and I can’t wait to hear a album by Peggy Sue when one is released.

I give this gig – 8.5/10


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