Ida Maria @ Koko – 11th February 2009

The first time I had seen Ida live was back at Brixton Academy where she was joined by Ladyhawke, White Lies, The Rifles and Kaiser Chiefs. After not being familiar with her music the first time I jumped at the chance to see her again when it was announced she would be playing at Koko as part of the NME Shockwaves Music Awards. Fortress Round My Heart had been on my Ipod and I was hoping seeing Ida live for a second time I will absorb it all.

It was a cold February, the previous week the UK had heavy snow and ice. It was so icy that I slipped on the ice and badly bruised my arm and it is still not fully better. Well I wasn’t letting a bruised arm affect the gigs that I had planned for the week . Well I was outside Koko at 5.30 two hours before the doors opened. I was then joined by two other people. The queue started getting bigger when the doors had opened. This gig was not a sell out so people were still coming in when the support acts were on. When I got off the tube at Camden Town it was pouring down with rain so I had to run down to the Koko and shelter at the entrance door.

Well when the doors opened I got right to the front. Being at the front you have the best view and you can take some really good pictures. Well as for the support acts they were Middle Class Rut and then Flashguns. Those two support acts were not my cup of tea. They sounded a bit to rocky for my liking.

Well Ida then later came out a little later than the 9.20pm when she was supposed to come on. She started playimg the drums. After a few hits on the drums she came onstage and started to play In The End. In The End appears on the re released version of her album and also appeared on the vinyl Stella. Now In The End is a slow song and in my opinion was not the best song to open a set with.

Next up Ida launches into Queen Of The World. This song was the second single released by Ida and it is a great song to get the crowd going. As soon as Ida hits the chorus that’s when the song gathers up pace. Now I could be wrong but from hearing this song I think it is about alcohol and how good it can make you feel if you have had one too many. Why I make this assumption is at the start Ida is singing about that she needs whisky. After this bit she launches into the chorus by saying she is the Queen Of The World and you bump into things.

The next song sung was Louie. Louie should be a single taken from the album. The song is about a guy called Louie and a girl who is drunk all the time but wants to be with Louie. This song is amazing live. Sometimes songs it takes a while for the song to gather pace but when Ida starts singing the song gathers pace straight away.

The next song was Stella. Stella was the first song released by Ida. When I first heard at Brixton last year what was in my mind was Stella Artois or Stella from Eastenders. This song has three verses no chorus. This song sounds good live and as I had listened to it previously on the CD it has been growing on me. For me what makes a song a good song is the melody of the song. Stella has everything a song should have in my opinion. Even though I cant remember all the lyrics the one line that will stick in your head is Stella.

Forgive Me was the next song on the set list. This song picks up pace straight away with a brief instrumental of drums and guitars before Ida launches into the song. The song has only two verses and a three line chorus. This song is about love and its about a relationship but they are completely the opposite.

Keep Me Warm is the next song and the title in quite appropriate considering the recent bad weather that we have had. Well the song is nothing to do about the weather. It is about the fact that the person in the song when they are feeling cold a cigarette or a cup of coffee keeps them warm. This song is a slow tempo song. After the song has finished it is followed up by Drive Away My Heart. This song was Ida’s first release on Nesna Records. I had previously heard Drive Away My Heart on vinyl and it had grown on me. Two drumsticks are hit together then Ida starts singing the song. This song has a fast tempo and I liked the use of the guitars and drums.

Once Drive Away My Heart had finished the next song on the setlist was Everybody’s Always Alone. I quite like this song. I had only heard a demo version of it which featured on the vinyl to Queen Of The World. It was nice to hear a live version of this song.

When Everybody’s Always Alone had finished Ida then started singing We’re All Going To Hell which appeared on the original release of Oh My God. To begin with Ida sings acapella of the chorus and the crowd joined in by singing the words We’re All Going To Hell. Ida then starts singing the song. We’re All Going To Hell has a catchy chorus a chorus that the crowd sung along too. This song also appears on the new version of Fortress ‘round My Heart which was re released this week.

Next up Ida launches into Morning Light. This song has a fast tempo and I like the guitars and the drums that are used within this song. Morning Light sounds really good live and like all the songs it sounds best when you are right at the front. Morning Light has to be one of the shortest songs that was in the set. I also found this song really catchy.

The final two songs got the crowd going. The first song was I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked. Ida was joined by two burlesque dancers both of them looked pretty hot. They were wearing a corset, fishnets and black heels. This song is a brilliant song and when Ida reached the chorus that’s when the crowd started getting active. There was pushing as people were jumping along to this song. At one point I got covered in beer as some got thrown. The dancers were dancing around looking hot. When Ida finished the song it was onto the next. This being her 2nd release on Nesna Records and current re released single Oh My God. When hearing the title the Kaiser Chiefs version and Mark Ronsons version come to my head. Well the crowd had no intention of mellowing. Oh My God is a rocky song, it has a fast tempo, catchy lyrics, good melody and it is a good song to end a set. Once Oh My God had finished Ida and her band went off the stage. The crowd had mellowed and they were asking for more. Throughout these last two songs I had two girls with banners which said something in Norwegian. Ida’s band came on stage followed by Ida.

Ida walked to the edge of the stage and sat down. She was right in front of me. Well I had a barrier which was around two feet away from the stage. Ida then started signing Leave Me, Let Me Go. This song appears on the re released version of the album and appeared on the release of Drive Away My Heart. This song mellowed the crowd as it was a slow song. When hearing this song live it is a sad song. After when Ida had finished the song she left the stage to a rapture of applause.


In The End

Queen Of The World



Forgive Me

Keep Me Warm

Drive Away My Heart

Everybody’s Always Alone

We’re All Going To Hell

Morning Light

I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

Oh My God

Leave Me, Let Me Go

BEST TRACK – On the night the best track for me has to be the final song before the encore which was OH MY GOD. Even though there was pushing and the odd crowd surfer this song was definitely a crowd pleaser. I liked the fact that the crowd got going and it certainly got me going. Also the song before I LIKE YOU SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU’RE NAKED a special mention has to go to the burlesque dancers who looked simply amazing.

OVERALL – This was a good gig it had everything you would want good songs, crowd pleasers etc. I was glad that the weather hadn’t turned when the gig finished. I really enjoyed Ida’s set so much that when I got home I listened to her album on Itunes. The only dissapointment was the support Middle Class Rut are not my cup of tea and Flashguns I will give them a 2nd chance to impress me.

Overall I gig this gig: 7/10


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