Lily Allen “It’s Not Me, It’s You” Album Showcase @ Koko 28th January 2009

November 24th 2008 I purchased my ticket for what was to be Lily showcasing new material from her new album. I had purchased my ticket through the pre sale link that was on a blog Lily posted. The day after the tickets went on sale and it sold out instantly.


The day came and I arrived outside the Koko about 4.30pm. There were already 7 people there. Later in the day the touts were coming around asking to buy or sell tickets. I had even heard one of the touts wanting £80 for a ticket.


Well 7pm came and the doors opened. Everyone was checked as usual then we made our way inside. The Koko can be quite confusing as when you go through the main doors you are on the upper level. Two sets of stairs are located at each side. So I made my way down and I was the first one at the barrier. When at the barrier right in front of me was a large projection screen.

I had only heard a few of Lily’s new tracks as I wanted to hear them first time at the gig. I was expecting it to be a showcase of the new album It’s Not Me, It’s You and maybe one old song.


There was no support acts it was a 2 hour DJ Set by Lily’s ex boyfriend Seb Chew. At 9.10pm the screen rises and as soon as Lily comes on stage the crowd screams. Lily is wearing a black top, black sparkly hot pants and black heels. She then launches into Everyone’s At It. This is the first time that I have seen Lily live but that was a strong opener. It definitely got the crowd going.


After the first song there is some banter. Lily introduces us to her band and says she will be singing new material from the new album before dedicating the next song to all of us. The next song was LDN. During the chorus everyone sings along.

Up next was another new song I Could Say. It is a slow song but as soon as it gets into the chorus it picks up pace. The chorus is rather catchy and I am liking Lily’s new material even more. After the third song the paparazzi go and Lily says goodbye to them.

Lily then kicks off her shoes then launches into Not Fair. She introduces the song by saying it has a country vibe to it and she is right. This song is amazing it has a killer chorus which I guess is important to a song. Catchy chorus means more people will like it.

After Not Fair Lily says the next song is kind of irrelevant because Obama is now the President of the U.S. Lily says that this song is about George W Bush or anyone that is a cock. Lily then starts singing Fuck You. This song is amazing I love the verses of this song as well as the chorus. During the chorus Lily sticks her middle finger up.

The song next is Who’d Have Known. Lily introduces the track by saying that it was was written by me and Take That. The chorus has the same tune as Take That’s Shine. Now I really liked this song.

Now after when Lily has sung Who’d Have Known the next song is 22. I like this song. After 22 its onto Him. Him starts slow then begins to gather pace. I would say this song has to have more than one listen to before you actually like the song.

Never Gonna Happen is the next song on the setlist. Never Gonna Happen has a country vibe. At the very start you can hear a accordian being played throughout the song. The song is about a failed relationship and the guy is not giving up on the girl. The girl is trying to get the guy to see its”Never Gonna Happen”.

Following on is Go Back To The Start. This is a electro pop song. Lily puts on her heels. As soon as the chorus kicks in that’s when the song gathers pace. Lily has a amazing voice and can deliver brilliant songs.

Next it is onto two tracks from Alright Still. The first being Littlest Things. This song has to be my favourite from the first CD. Lily dedicates the song to Mark Ronson. Before the song starts Lily adds in some Las. Lily then starts singing the song. There is such a difference seeing the songs performed live than to listening to them on a CD. Littlest Things was amazing hearing it live made it my favourite song off Alright Still. As soon as Lily has finished the crowd raptures with screams and applause. Lily then introduces the next track which is Smile.


The band starts playing Smile and Lily asks the audience to sing along if they know the words. As soon as she gets to the chorus Lily makes hand gestures as to say louder. The whole crowd then started singing the chorus of Smile. After when Lily has finished the stage goes dark.


Lily then introduces the next song as being out the day before yesterday and was beating Lady GaGa in the charts. Lily reads out a banner that was being held. The banner said “Say Thankyou Alex For Writing The Fear”. Lily then says “I wrote The Fear” and she laughs. Lily then introduces the next song The Fear. Now The Fear gets better everytime you hear it. It definitely got the crowd going. Most gigs I have been to have ended with either the current single if it has just come out or next single if it was due to be relased soon. The Fear is a amazing song and deserved to be #1. As the song finishes Lily says Thankyou very much London and goes off stage. The crowd is clapping and cheering. The band then leave the stage and the crowd begin to chant more.

Lily then returns to the stage for her encore. As soon as she came on there were screams and claps. Well this has to be one of the best encores I have seen. Lily then sung her cover of Britney Spears Womanizer. Now I had only heard her cover once before. Seeing her sing this cover version live was amazing.



Everyone’s At It
I Could Say
Not Fair
Fuck You
Who’d Have Known
Never Gonna Happen
Go Back To The Start
Littlest Things
The Fear


BEST TRACK – The best track for me is between Everyone’s At It and Not Fair. But for me the best track on the night was Everyone’s At It. It was a brilliant song to open Lily’s return to London.

OVERALL – This was the first time I had seen Lily live and I wasn’t disappointed. The 10 new songs which were previewed wetted my appetite till the album is released 9th February 2009. There was not a single track that I did not like. I thought all the songs were brilliant. I would definitely see Lily live again.

I give this gig: 8/10


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