The Early Reviews: Slow Club August/ September 2008

Slow Club @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 28th August 2008

This was the launch of Slow Clubs EP Let’s Fall Back In Love. Support came from Jay Jay Pistolet and Micachu who were late starting their set.

Well Jay Jay Pistolet caught me out again and I clapped to early when he paused and finished his song. Well I wasnt the only clapper. Well Micachu’s set was OK.

Well I was looking forward to seeing Slow Clubs set as they were the main act. They sang songs from the EP, songs from the forthcoming album and the favourites Because We’re Dead and Me and You.

After I purchased the EP which was selling like hot cakes. They only had 3 boxes and when I got my copy they were on the 2nd. People were buying 2 at a time.

Slow Club “Let’s Fall Back In Love EP Launch” @ Puregroove, Farringdon 2nd September 2008

To coincide with the release of Let’s Fall Back In Love Slow Club did three instores. The first being at Puregroove.

This is the first time I had seen a Slow Club instore. I had previously seen Rebecca when she was with Noah and the Whale for a instore for Puregroove at Archway Library when they were originally based in Holloway.

They only sang one song from the EP Let’s Fall Back In Love. They played new songs and Because We’re Dead.

After I met Rebecca and Charles to sign the EP. I had a chat with Rebecca she recognised me 🙂

Slow Club “Let’s Fall Back In Love EP Launch” @ Banquet Records 4nd September 2008

Slow Club came to Kingston for there final instore promoting the EP. They did two signings one for the Under 18s and the other one around 9ish for the Over 18s. Amazingly I got a ticket for the Under 18s on 1st September.

It was a amazing instore I would say there was just over 20 people there. We all sat down on the floor. Charles said it felt like show and tell. Well this instore was acoustic the tracks they sang were completely different to Puregroove.

Well after the instore finished they stopped to sign the EP. As I already had the EP I took one of the posters detailing the event. So I went up got the poster signed they personalised it as they started drawing on it. Rebecca drew glasses and a moustache in gold pen. Well I got another photo and said that I will next see them on 25th October and then 1st December.


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