The Early Reviews: November 2008

Gabriella Cilmi @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 3rd November 2008

This was the first out of three gigs I had lined up for the first week in November and what a night it was. There were two support acts the first I cannot remember and the second was Cosmo Jarvis who was not at all the type of music I would listen too.

Well Gabriella Cilmi was amazing the set started off with the latest single Sanctuary. The gig was being filmed and the security guards were coming up to people saying no pictures which I then later found out is you couldn’t film. Well I took some pictures and I managed to get a set list. After I went to the back door and there were a few people waiting and there was this young girl who wanted to meet Gabriella. So Gabriella came out and she stayed for pictures and signing stuff. Gabriella is so nice.

Cascada @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 4th November 2008

As soon as Cascada announced a new tour I had to get a ticket as the previous tour they did not come to London.

This was a really good gig I would definately see them again. I love Cascada’s music it is the only dance music I can stand. Support was from Ironik and there were a couple of more acts to fill in the gap when Cascada was onstage. I cant remember the names as there was no running order stuck outside. As with the previous night you could not film as it was being filmed for a DVD release I think.

The songs in order that were sung were

01. Miracle
02. Bad Boy
03. Who Do You Think You Are
04. Truly Madly Deeply
05. Runaway
06. Everytime We Touch (Ballad)
07. Perfect Day
08. Faded
09. Dream On Dreamer
10. Ready For Love
11. Can’t Stop The Rain
12. How Do You Do
13. Love Again
14. Could It Be You
15. What Do You Want From Me
16. Because The Night
17. Everytime We Touch
18. What Hurts The Most

Natalie sung all the singles that have been released barring A Neverending Dream and she sung Faded and Dream On Dreamer that were on the Perfect Day album in the US. Well I did not get the setlist well no one got it. When I left I went to the backdoor but Natalie wasn’t gonna come out so I made my way home. It was a great night and there was no surging towards the front when Cascada was on.

Thomas Tantrum @ Puregroove 7th November 2008

Thomas Tantrum a band who I saw back when Peggy Sue were doing a 4 corners tour over four days, did a instore at Puregroove. This was a lunchtime show and started at 1.30.

I managed to buy a copy of the album the last one that they had. Well the band were already there and Megan signed the album for me before the set started. Well the set was brilliant. After the set had finished I picked up the set list and then got the rest of the band to sign the album for me.

I then got a picture with Megan and had a chat with her. She is lovely and she likes meeting the fans.

Katy Perry “One Of The Boys” Album Signing @ Zavvi, Oxford Street 12th November 2008

Katy Perry did a instore for her current album. This was a wristband only event and you could get wristbands by coming in from Monday 10th November. The wristbands were issued on a first come first served basis. So I was at Zavvi on Monday at 9.10 to get a wristband. When I did no one was there waiting to get one so I thought damn wristbands have gone and I have got here for when the store opens.

Well I got two wristbands then travelled all the way back home because I needed to be at work for 10am.

Well the Wednesday came I arrived about 2.30 expecting there to be more people waiting but there was no one. Well Jennie, Celine and Danika turned up about the same time as me so that was good. Well we all sat in the basement area reading magazines and books to pass the time. Zavvi were playing Katy Perry’s album. Later on the queue started getting longer and then about 5 we were allowed in the area.

We were all at the front waiting for Katy. Well her two guitarists were soundchecking. Well Katy came on about 7pm and there were alot of photographers but they were told they could take photos during one song and after that song there were a few trying to take more pictures.

Katy started off with Hot ‘N’ Cold then Thinking Of You then finished with I Kissed A Girl. Then Katy went off and then came out about 10 minutes later for the signing. Even though it was only three songs the signing made it even better.

So after the performance had finished there was then movement to get to the entrance to where you entered see Katy and get your album cover signed. Well the security guard let Jennie, Danika, Celine and I let us come through the black curtain instead of the entrance where the barriers were. Well meeting Katy was amazing I even had a conversation with her. I said I am seeing you tomorrow night Katy said where I said the Union Chapel and she then said the Little Noises. Then I mentioned I had got a copy of her cd as Katy Hudson and Katy said they are still selling it. Then I said I got it through Amazon and got it through another person. On my album Katy wrote Sam! See You Soon Of Course. I am surprised I didn’t go blank and thank god I didn’t lol.


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