The Early Reviews: Laura Marling October/ November 2008

Banquet Records 27th October 2008

To coincide with the release of Laura’s new vinyl Night Terror she did 2 instores to promote it. The first being Kingston and the second being in Glasgow. Laura was also starting her tour that week.

Well I got there early expecting there to be some sort of queue as tickets had already gone but there was no queue I was the first there. So listening to my Ipod made the hours go away. It was freezing cold I was aloud to sit inside the shop and then go out when the queue started forming. Well it was a good instore. Laura sang Ghosts, Cross Your Fingers/ Crawled Out Of The Sea, Night Terror, Alpha Shadows and Goodbye England. I love acoustic stuff.

Laura did not stay to sign copies of the Vinyl which was disappointing but just seeing her live in a intimate place like this is enough for me.

Scala 11th November 2008

To my suprise everyone started turning up 30 mins before the doors open at 7.30. It was freezing. Starbucks were giving out free Cherry Mocha samples so I got one of them and that warmed me up for a bit.

Well support today was from Pete Roe and Jay Jay Pistolet who I have seen a couple of times before. Laura came on about 9.30 and she introduced the band as it is a new band as Marcus and Ted have gone on to continue with Mumford and Sons. Well Laura 9 songs from her album 2 of the B Sides and 6 new songs.

The set list which I did not get as they needed them for the next day was:

01. Shine
02. Rebecca
03. Ghosts
04. Blackberry Stone
05. You’re No God
06. Cross Your Fingers/ Crawled Out Of The Sea
07. Rambling Man
08. Alpha Shallows
09. Banjo A Go Go
10. My Manic And I
11. Your Only Doll (Dora)
12. Old Stone
13. Devil Spoke
14. Maid A Made
15. Goodbye England
16. Night Terror
17. Alas I Cannot Swim

Now it was a good night the new songs were brilliant especially Laura’s Christmas Song Goodbye England.


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