The Early Reviews: July 2008

The Clik Clik @ 93 Ft East 23rd July 2008

After seeing them supporting Alphabeat I immediately took a liking to their music. I then went and purchased the Vinyls My Dunks and the newly release Did You Wrong. Did You Wrong is a catchy song and I found myself humming the tune.

Well The Clik Clik were doing some dates in London before they go to Ibiza to do a series of gigs there. Well the other acts were The Anomolies, Kojo, The Clik Clik and Soft Toy Emergency.

This was the second time I had been to see a group who were not headlining. Well first on were The Anomolies. They were a good band and their freestyle was simply amazing. Before they started they said pick any three words which would be included in the freestyle. Then they said people come up give items to them and it would be in the freestyle.

Next up was Kojo some of the tracks were really good. Originally I was not going to watch but I am glad I did.

Next up was The Clik Clik. Stefan was also watching the other groups and so was Maya for a little bit. Well Maya looked absolutely stunning. All of The Clik Clik songs are great cant wait for the album. They started off with Cant Take You Anywhere. They also sang some new songs. Didn’t sing My Dunks though. The Clik Clik are a brilliant band and one of my tips to be big in 2008.

After The Clik Clik I then left to get home.

Natty “July Single Signing” @ Banquet Records 28th July 2008

It was the second time I have been to a instore at this shop. I am now a regular visitor when I go to purchase Vinyl. Well this instore was the first ever instore by Natty.

I first heard Natty’s music way back last November when he was supporting Kate Nash at Shepherd’s Bush. Well Natty performed 6 tracks all from his forthcoming album which is released next monday.

Well after the set was the signing. Natty signed the single and had pictures taken.

Well the staff at Banquet was so nice they provided bottles of water that you could take a sip of and pass on as it was so hot.


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