Sara Barielles @ Scala 28th September 2008

I arrived outside the Scala about 3PM expecting there to be a queue like there was the previous Wednesday when it was Katy Perry. Also the gig was sold out so that was another reason I was surprised no one was there.

Well I wasn’t alone Jennifer who I met on the Wednesday was there so we sat and talked and that made the hours go by. We did see Sara walk past but did not say anything. About 5ish Danika joined us at this time there was about 5 people queuing. Jenny saw Sara a couple more times but didn’t say anything. Well we got gig posters which I asked for and got :).

Well when the doors open the first act on was Rod Thomas he was pretty good. After it was Sara. The best thing is there was no barriers so Danika, Jenny and I were standing on the left hand side of where the piano was. That turned out to be a good decision as most of Sara’s songs were Piano based. We had a great view. Getting there earlier does have its advantages.

Well the gig ended about 10.20. Jenny had said she would be waiting outside the backdoor for Sara to come out. Danika and I both waited for her to come out. Danika left as it was getting late and I was going to go around 11.30 as the tubes close at a certain time on Sundays.

Well there were 14 people outside waiting in the freezing cold hoping Sara will come outside to see her fans. At 11.10 she did. Sara is the most nicest person you could ever meet. Her accent is even cute. Thank God I did not check the last tube when I started queuing because I would of certainly left around 11.

So I had a pic taken with Sara and she signed the set list. It was one amazing night.


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