Kimya Dawson @ Union Chapel 11th September 2008

This was the second time I went to the Union Chapel. Last time was last November when I saw Kate Nash, Robyn and Ting Tings.

Well I arrived at 4 and I got to the entrance of the Union Chapel and there was scaffolding up I never found out why.

Well later Kimya came in a blacked out van. She was with her husband Angelo and her daughter Panda.

Well I was right at the front and I was sitting next to these sweet girls. I am sure their names will come to me soon but I remember one of them was called Kat the girl. The girl beside me was so excited which was kind of cute.

Well first of all it was Heathers who were two sisters. Their set was really good. It was the first time they had played in London after having played in America and their home country Ireland. Straight after the set I got the CD which has only been released in Ireland and the US and I got Kimya Dawson’s CDs and was sold the CDs by Kimya Dawson. I gave Kat 1.20 so she could buy Heathers CD as they only had £4.80 and the CD was £6.

Well Kimya came on about 9ish and she sang songs from her previous albums and her new album which is a album full of songs for babies and young children.


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