Katy Perry @ Scala 24th September 2008

This was the second time I had been to Scala. The first time was seeing Noah and the Whale back in June. I got there about 4 and to my surprise there were 10 people already in the queue.

Well I just want to thank Sara for selling me the ticket. Laura, Jennie and Danika it was nice meeting you all. And Jennie and Danika I will probably see you at Scala on Sunday.

Thankfully it didn’t pour down when in the queue. I got the gig poster there were aload on the desk. When we were waiting to go in I was shaking coz it was cold.

Well what can I say about the night?? It was amazing it went by so fast. I thought the DJ set would drag on as I was waiting for Katy to come on. The photographers got on alot of peoples nerves. Why have 11 photographers that is taking the mick lol. People have paid good money for there tickets. If it was two or three people I would be OK but 11 photographers standing right in the way blocking the people at the front view. Well after the three songs there were some people saying three songs you can go after a few were still taking photos. Then Katy mentioned something about the fact three songs had gone and then the security guard got them to go.

When they went it was great as you had a clear view. I got pictures 44 of them. It is really spooky that it is my 44th album. Well after Katy sang her final song I Kissed A Girl and went to the dressing rooms I tapped one of the cameramen and got him to get me a set list.

Katy then came on to do a encore the song was Brick by Brick. After she had finished she went off and then everyone started leaving. There were some people trying to get see lists, plectrums etc. Well I went off and who was I to see in the bar area Adele!!!. So I got a picture with her then left to make my journey home. I also saw Mark Ronson too, I would of liked to of met Katy but that’s going to be for another time.

Overall it was a brilliant night and I cant wait till she comes back to the UK.


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