Amy MacDonald @ The Roundhouse 9th October 2008

I left the station at 2.52PM to go to The Roundhouse. That would be Sutton to Victoria via Borders Oxford Street. Oxford Circus to Euston then Euston to Chalk Farm. Sounds like a complicated journey but it wasn’t.

Well at 3.30 I arrive at The Roundhouse. 3 and a half hours left waiting seems like forever when you are by yourself. So I basically sit inside as its warm and I read a little bit of Laura Dockrills book. Well come 5 I am told I am supposed to wait outside which is a first because you can be inside. There are already 5 people queueing. I just join the front.

The doors open at 6 and we all go in. I just wait by the main doors till they open at 7. There was only 1 support act. Well the doors open abit after 7 and I walk to the front but walking fast.

It started at 8 and then Amy was on at 9. Amy was amazing her set just flew by. She sang a cover of Dancing In The Dark and Hallelujah. It was weird that she did Hallelujah because I saw Katherine Jenkins perform the song on GMTV in the morning. Amy’s performance of that song was amazing.

At 10.30 the gig ended and it was straight on the tube back home. It was a good night and I definitely want to see Amy again. The next day I had been listening to the album on repeat 🙂


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